Sign Up for Pokémon Go Field Test, If You’re in Japan

It’s been recently announced that you can actually sign up to be a field tester for the much-hyped Pokémon Go. Well, only if you’re in Japan, of course.

Which is totally unfair for us outside the Land of the Rising Sun. But lucky peeps who get chosen will actually be able to beta the game on their smartphones before the release of the game. This is so that developers get real feedback on the game and know what to improve on. 🙂

You can sign up HERE but if, like me, your browser indicates you’re not from Japan, you’ll just get a page that says “not available in your country.”


So sad. Hopefully, they do open up testing to other parts of the world because that’s the general idea of the game, to go around and capture Pokémon plus battle other players in your vicinity, right? :))


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