Cosplay For Skyforge Pre-registration To Win Up To 20K USD

A new PC MMORPG is opening its pre-registration doors and having its closed beta this April 2022! PlayPark’s Skyforge is elevating its pre-registration period with a cosplay contest that will have participants win up to 20,000 USD worth of prizes!

For gamers who are cosplayers as well, this is quite an interesting contest to be part of. Let’s check out the details! 🙂

What Is PlayPark Skyforge?

Skyforge Gameplay

Skyforge is PlayPark’s latest MMORPG that is coming soon to Southeast Asia. This includes the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The game’s closed beta test is set for this April 2022.

According to press materials, Skyforge requires players to become gods, complete with temples, worshippers, and god-like abilities. This will be crucial in the MMORPG’s gameplay which includes Invasions, and in-game events that will require the player population’s participation.

Skyforge will have 18 playable classes, from tanks to mages. Players will be able to switch classes easily, depending on what is most needed in battle.

Cosplay Contest Mechanics & Details

Skyforge Classes

To make the Skyforge pre-registration more explosive, PlayPark is hosting several cosplay events where participants can win massive prizes!

Called “Cosplay SEAGods,” the Skyroge event will have different categories and a prize pool of up to 20,000 USD. The three (3) categories include – Low Cost AR Cosplay, TikTok Transformation, an the main cosplay event, SEAGods Battle.

These events will be judged by the most well-known cosplayers in Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia. So if you’re interested to join, make sure you sign up on the official Skyforge registration page.

If you want to know more about the upcoming MMORPG, you can check out all the details about the pre-registration period, gameplay, referral program, and more at the official Skyforge website! What do you think? Will you join the battle in becoming a god? XD

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