Taito Free! Eternal Summer Nanase Haruka Anime Figure

I’m a big Free! fangirl. I’m sure any girl who keeps tabs with the anime world would know what Free! is. LOL. It’s basically about a bunch of bishounen (pretty boys) who are part of a swim club.

I absolutely adore Nanase Haruka, one of the main characters, if not THE main one! He’s just my type – dark hair with bright colored eyes, has some weird obsessive quirk with regards to water and kind of stoic. So when my friend, Sibey, gifted me with this surprise, I was soooo happyyyyy!

Anyhoo, here are some of my photos of the Taito Free! Eternal Summer Nanase Haruka Anime Figure. 🙂

Launched around February 2015 as one of Taito’s game prizes, the figure stands around 17 centimeters or 6.7 inches tall, in a static pose. So no bendable parts for you!


Sides of the box have some artwork and a photo of the actual figure. Of course, there’s got to be some fandom shipping involved, LOL! MakoxHaru 5EVAH!!!




In terms of quality I can’t really say anything technical since I’m not that much of a scaled figure collector but I’m really happy with this one. The figure has some blue accents to add depth to the paint job. Plus it stands tall, sturdy, and doesn’t seem unbalanced in any way so I’m not worried it’ll fall over due to its weight.

Here are some photos of the details:




I’ve always been a fan of Haruka’s NR face. During the two seasons of the anime, I was constantly waiting for a reaction or a little tweak in his facial muscles to indicate any change of emotion. XD


Contrary to popular belief, his boots are actually a dark brown. The stand is made of a semi-opaque plastic with the Free! logo etched on it. 🙂


There isn’t that much detail in the outfit but I especially love the metallic gold paint, haha! Some of the buttons aren’t painted thoroughly though, but I’m just too happy to have a Haru figure so I don’t really care much, LOL.


And I end with this! Haruka’s beautiful booty! 🙂 Well, he’s got to have a swimmer’s behind. He loves the water and all. :))

And that’s that for me! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I am enjoying this figure, hohoho~

Free! merchandise is extremely abundant nowadays, what with a new season coming up. Ah but us raging fangirls will never get tired of these pretty boys. 🙂

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