Celebrate Tears Of Themis 1st Year Anniversary With New July Events

Can you believe that Tears of Themis is one year old this July?! It’s been a year! To celebrate the occasion, HoYoverse is hosting a lot of in-game and online events!

Be sure to check out the list below to know what’s in store so you can make the most out of the rewards! XD

Tears Of Themis “Blissful Fête” Flagship Event

tears of themis anniversary

Event Duration: Opens July 5, 2022
Notable Rewards: Limited Anniversary badge “Times of Our Lives,” limited Anniversary R cards for Artem, Luke, Marius, and Vyn, Anniversary event-Limited namecard “Celebration -Stellis,” and invitation background “Night Beach”

In the Blissful Fête flagship event, will have a variety of activities that players can participate in as they explore the city of Stellis. Complete event-limited story tasks in “Mirage of Blooming Swords” or participate in mini-games with the four different male leads in “Festive Games.” Going through these tasks, completing dailies, and participating in the mini-games will garner player rewards such as the Anniversary badge, Anniversary R cards, Anniversary namecard, and invitation background.

What’s most exciting about this event is that “Stellis Exploration” will now be permanenly available in-game! This means players can explore the city of Stellis even when the event is over! Yay! 🙂

Tears of Themis Anniversary “Kiss of Fervour” Shadow of Themis Event

tears of themis anniversary date

Event Duration: Opens July 11, 2022
Notable Rewards: The Anniversary event-limited SSR cards for Luke, Artem, Marius, and Vyn which come exclusive BGMs, customized card stories, 3D keepsakes and exquisite Vow Badges

Of course, what is a Tears of Themis event without a new gacha banner, am I right? HAHAHA! Anyway, there are four new SSR cards featuring the four male leads. Each of these cards will have discounts on pulls as well as a higher draw rate for the duration of the event.

What’s special about these SSR cards is that they’re bundled with bonuses such as background music and 3D keepsakes from the male leads! o.O

Log-In Bonuses & Rewards

tears of themis anniversary global

Logging into Tears of Themis daily will also give players bonuses and rewards in-game! These include free draws, returner gifts, a new Anniversary Limited Lounge Set, and more! So be sure to check into the game during the event time period! <3

Whew, I can’t believe time has passed us by so fast! I’m very happy that the game is going strong, and that I’m still enjoying it even after a year! Alright, that’s that. Time to pull on the new anniversary banner, haha! Wish me luck! XD

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