Visiting The Tears Of Themis Artem Wing Birthday Pop-Up Cafe

I was so lucky to be invited by Hoyoverse to visit the physical Tears of Themis pop-up cafe to celebrate Artem Wing’s birthday!

I’ve documented the experience so I hope you all enjoy the photos! 🙂

Tears Of Themis Artem Wing Birthday Event Cafe

Tears of Themis Artem Wing Birthday Event

The Tears of Themis pop-up birthday event was done in collaboration with WouldULike, a cafe franchise that serves specialty drinks in cute soda-like cans

It was held in the Eastwood Mall branch at the 2nd Floor Eastwood Mall Veranda. The cafe opened last April 25, and will stay open until April 29, 2022, so I suggest you go and visit as soon as you can! 🙂

Tears Of Themis Artem Wing Birthday Pop Up Event

Outside the cafe you’re greeted with Artem posters! One is for his special birthday artwork, while the other is from one of his SSR Cards, “Atmospherics”.

Tears of Themis Artem Wing Birthday Card

To the far left, still outside the cafe, is a standee of the birthday boy, complete in his iconic suit and tie. XD

If you look through the glass, you can see a collage of Artem’s cards in a cute little display, and a small area where fans can post their well wishes for him. 🙂

Tears Of Themis Artem Wing Birthday Cafe Setup

Tears Of Themis Artem Wing Birthday Cafe PH

Inside, the cafe is pretty small, and it was very crowded so I didn’t really stay that long. But you’ll see another poster of Artem from his MR card “Intentions”.

The screen above the counter is also playing a short video featuring some of Artem’s cards, too. XD

Tears Of Themis Artem Wing Birthday Drink

To the left of the counter is the display case where the staff lined up the cans used to house the specialty drinks for Artem’s birthday cafe menu.

There are two (2) kinds – Artem’s Berries (LOL!): Strawberry Iced Tea and Artem’s Milk (LOL AGAIN!): Strawberry Latte!

Tears Of Themis Artem Wing Birthday Fan Wishes

Then to the far left corner of the cafe, there’s a small birthday altar dedicated to Artem Wing. I found it super funny that the fans took it upon themselves to create summoning circles HAHAHA! I’m not sure if that helped them bring his SSR card home, though. XD

Artem Wing Birthday Event Menu & Merchandise

Artem's Berries Strawberry Iced Tea

The Tears of Themis Artem Wing birthday pop-up cafe had a small menu with two sets to choose from.

Tears Of Themis Artem Wing Birthday Cafe Cherry Cream Croiffle

Set A comes with Artem’s Berries and a Cherry Cream Croiffle, and Set B comes with Artem’s Milk and a Cherry Cream Croiffle as well.

The sets cost Php 375, and they’re packaged in cute containers themed after Artem’s birthday event.

Tears Of Themis Artem Wing Birthday Stickers

Tears Of Themis Artem Wing Birthday Postcard

Both sets come with free Artem Wing merchandise such as postcards, stickers, and little polaroids from his in-game birthday event.

I personally love the postcards and stickers, and I can’t wait to put the stickers on the water tumbler I use on a daily basis. XD

Tears Of Themis Artem Wing Birthday Drinks

Overall, I had so much fun. It’s been a while since I’ve gone to a physical event, and the timing was just right!

Though the cafe was a bit far from where I live, it was worth the trip. The drinks were actually pretty tasty, though I am favoring the Strawberry Latte more since I’m a fan of strawberry milk, haha!

I’m hoping that Hoyoverse will host the other birthday events of the Tears of Themis male leads in the Philippines, too. And I hope I’ll be able to go to all of them. I will most definitely show up for the Luke Pearce one! XD

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