Enjoy Hoyoland In New Tears Of Themis Dreams Of Childhood October Event

Tears of Themis Dreams of Childhood October 2022 Event

Another event is here for Tears of Themis and this time, attorneys can enjoy a fun amusement park in the new Dreams of Childhood event!

Starting this October 11, a series of activities, new rewards, and character banners can be found in the game. Let’s check them out!

Tears Of Themis “Dreams Of Childhood” Event

tears of themis dreams of childhood october event

Event Duration: Opens October 11, 2022
Notable Rewards: Event-limited “Dreams of Innocence” badge, event namecard “Celebration -Childhood Dreams”

Completing the different tasks under the Tears of Themis “Dreams of Childhood” event will give exciting rewards to all attorneys. This includes an event-limited badge, event namecard, S-Chips, among others. Exchanging YoYo Vouchers that can be received while completing different tasks will also give players event-limited SR cards, among other rewards.

 “Dreams of Childhood” SSR Cards Rate-Up Event

 Luke SSR Persistent Wishes

Event Duration: Opens October 11, 2022

For those looking for new SSR cards for Luke and Marius, the new Tears of Themis “Dreams of Childhood” rate-up banner offers two new ones to add to your collection. This includes the Luke SSR “Persistent Wishes” and Marius “Sweet Wonders”.

I’m actually pretty excited about this event because now they offer events of you actually being in a relationship with one of the four leading male characters. This at least provides some progress in the romance story, so it’s becoming very interesting for me, haha!

Okay, that’s it from me! Good luck to all Marius and Luke fans out there! May the gacha gods be in your favor! XD

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