Tears Of Themis Sizzles With Latest Electrifying Night Event

Part 2 of the latest Tears of Themis “Electrifying Night” event is happening soon, and this time we’re getting an event-limited SR card, an event-limited Badge, new interactive invitations, and many more rewards!

Since this is my chance to get a new Luke Pearce SSR card, I am definitely very excited, yes! XD

Tears Of Themis “Electrifying Night” Event

tears of themis electrifying night dice game

Event Duration: March 25 to April 15, 2022
Notable Rewards: Card leveling materials and the event-limited “Electrifying Badge”

Much like the previous Christmas event, the 2nd part of “Electrifying Night” will give players access to a dice board game within the app! Players will have to explore the Trendy Bar, and complete challenges and tasks in order to obtain card leveling material rewards and the event-limited “Electrifying Badge.”

Limited-time “Electrifying Reveries” Tasks

tears of themis electrifying night artem winning ball

Event Duration: March 25 to April 15, 2022
Notable Rewards: Event-exclusive Artem SR “Winning Ball,” Tears of Themis, and S-Chips

For the duration of the “Electrifying Night” event on Tears of Themis, players can also accomplish “Electrifying Reveries” tasks. When a certain level is reached, they will be rewarded with the event-exclusive Artem SR “Winning Ball” card.

Also, new interactive invitations based on the event will be available for purchase in the shop for each of the male leads, so be sure to check that out as well! 🙂

tears of themis electrifying night luke pearce

As a Luke Pearce stan, I am totally whaling on this cute skateboarding BB right here, haha! I honestly don’t know what’s gonna happen, but I’m crossing my fingers I get somewhere!

What about you? Any male lead you’re looking at in particular for this event? I’m actually pretty interested in that Artem SR card, simply because it looks so different from Artem’s normal look, HAHA!

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