Tears of Themis November Redolent Nonage Event Celebrates Luke Pearce

It’s almost December and Tears of Themis is celebrating Luke Pearce’s birthday in a fantastic way!

The new limited time “Redolent Nonage” event is happening by the end of November until the start of December!

Tears of Themis “Redolent Nonage” Limited-Time Event

tears of themis redolent nonage event november luke pearce

Event Duration: Opens November 28, 2022
Notable Rewards: Luke R card “Prepared,” birthday-limited “Luke – Redolent” outfit, “Luke’s Bedroom” background, and “Redolent Nonage” event commemorative badge

For the duration of the Tears of Themis Redolent Nonage event, attorneys can accompany Luke Pearce to do a series of everyday tasks. These tasks will lead up to the male lead’s birthday early this December.

Also, be sure to log in on specific days to get an exclusive text message and voice call from Luke Pearce! AHHHH!

 “Luke All Year-Round” Birthday Series Rerun

tears of themis luke all year round

Event Duration: Opens November 26, 2022

During the event period, Luke’s first birthday-limited SSR card will have a rerun! So, for those who missed getting this card, be sure to catch it before the rerun ends!

Luke’s previous birthday R card “Quietly Waiting” is available for limited-time exchange and his “No Doubts” invitation will also be available at the Tears of Themis in-game mall.

I kinda dropped off Tears of Themis the past few months because I’ve been busy with real life and work, haha! But this birthday event has made me log in again. I missed completing Luke’s first birthday event, and I didn’t get the badge SO. I NEED TO GET THIS ONE, AT LEAST. HAHAHUHU.

Good luck! May the gacha gods be in your favor. ;3;

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