Tears Of Themis Relives Memories In New Revisiting Youth Event

It seems like it was only yesterday when the English version of Tears of Themis celebrated its first year anniversary. We got to see the four male leads finally take the next step with their relationship with Rosa!

As the year moves on, new events, like the upcoming “Revisiting Youth” event this August 2022, will give us more exciting scenarios between Rosa and the four main guys! I’m super stoked!

New Tears Of Themis Campus-Themed “Revisiting Youth” Event Map

tears of themis revising youth SR card

Event Duration: Opens August 24, 2022
Notable Rewards: Event-exclusive “Youthful Days Badge” and event-exclusive Vyn SR “Eternal Whispers”

During the Tears of Themis “Revisiting Youth” event this August, attorneys will be able to explore an in-game campus Open House with the male leads and reminisce over nostalgic memories of student life. This event map is much like previous events where players are teleported into a separate boardgame-like area.

Players who complete tasks and discover the event map’s secrets will receive the event-exclusive “Youthful Days Badge,” S-Chips, Stellin, Oracle of Justice, and other bountiful rewards.

“Revisiting Youth” SSR Cards & Invitations

tears of themis revisiting youth interactive chibi invitation

Aside from the event map, players will also get increased draw rates for the event-exclusive Tears of Themis cards. The line-up includes Artem SSR “New Skies,” Marius SSR “Precious Mornings,” and Luke SR “Love between Pages.”

For those who want new invitations to greet them when they open up the game, all-new “Revisiting Youth” interactive chibi invitations of Artem, Luke, Marius, and Vyn will be available for purchase in the shop!

I’m kind of glad that Luke is only getting an SR card during this event, haha! I don’t really know how much more my wallet can take, HAHAHA!

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