Adventure Through Tears Of Themis In New Secrets Of The Tomb Event

It seems like it’s only been a few weeks since our last Tears of Themis event, but here we are once again with a new one! This time, Attorneys will go through a fantasy adventure in the latest “Secrets of the Tomb” limited-time event!

There’s another Luke SSR card in this event so guess who’s gonna WHAAAAAAAAAAAAALE. LOL. XD

Tears Of Themis “Secrets of the Tomb” Event

Tears of Themis Secrets of the Tomb release date

Event Duration: Opens April 29, 2022
Notable Rewards: Event-limited commemorative badge “Roaring Sands,” limited Invitation “Desert Road,” and R cards of Artem, Luke, Marius, and Vyn

During the Tears of Themis Secrets of the Tomb limited-time event, attorneys will have to explore the mysterious ruins of Khaimit. There will be “Shadows of Resurrection” Main Story and Side Story tasks to complete in order to get rewards! Attorneys will have to into the Tomb of Ita, use Exploration Energy to go through tomb obstacles, raise their Exploration Rank and Exploration Abilities, all in order to unveil the hidden treasure!

“Secrets of the Tomb” Shadow of Themis Event

tears of themis luke pearce ssr card

Event Duration: Opens April 29, 2022
Notable Rewards: The event-limited SSR cards for Luke, Artem, Marius, and Vyn

As part of the event, SSR cards Luke “Overflowing Thoughts,” Artem “Echoes Ablaze,” Vyn “Flickering Moonlight,” and Marius “Dimly Lit” will be available.

Obviously, I’m gonna try and pull for a Luke card, but since I’ve already run out of S-chips trying to pull for Artem’s birthday SSR card, I may have to shell out a bunch of cash. D:

New Themed Outfits And NXX Invites In Cosmetics Shop

Tears of Themis Secrets of the Tomb Sandstorm outfit

For those who are really in love with this event, new “Sandstorm” outfits for the four male leads will be available for purchase in the cosmetics shop. An NXX invite featuring Rosa and the four male leads can also be bought in the shop!

I’m really looking forward to this event, I love having more engaging activities in Tears of Themis, and I can’t wait to go through the new content! Also, please pray for my wallet, HAHAHAHAHA. /cries

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