Wish Vyn A Happy Birthday In Tears of Themis A Wish in the Light Event

September is another exciting month for Tears of Themis fans, especially those who stan Vyn Richter!

The game is celebrating the doctor’s birthday, and with it comes exciting events, prizes, and of course, SSR cards! 🙂

Tears of Themis “A Wish in the Light” Vyn Richter Birthday Event

tears of themis vyn 2nd birthday

Event Duration: Opens September 21, 2022
Notable Rewards: Event-exclusive Vyn R “Falling,” birthday outfit “Vyn – In the Light,” birthday background “Vyn’s bedroom,” and Commemorative Badge “A Wish in the Light.”

Opening late September 2022, the Tears of Themis “A Wish in the Light” Vyn Richter birthday event will come with limited-time tasks for attorneys to gain exclusive rewards and more!

Be sure to log onto the game during the time period of you want to get the exclusive card, outfit, background, and commemorative badge. That is a LOT of stuff to get for free, hehe!

Vyn’s Birthday SSR “Fetters of the Past” Rate-Up Event

tears of themis vyn

Event Duration: Opens September 21, 2022

During Vyn’s “A Wish in the Light” birthday event, his SSR card “Fetters of the Past” will also get a rate-up gacha banner. So be sure to stock up on your Tears of Themis if you’re looking to get this card! 🙂

 “Reciprocal Hearts” Birthday Series Rerun

tears of themis vyn richter

Event Duration: Opens September 19, 2022

And finally, the “Reciprocal Hearts” birthday series will be having a rerun during Vyn’s birthday event. Some of the cards you can get include Vyn’s SSR “A Star in the Night” and Vyn’s Birthday R “Dressed Up.” The “Autumn Light” Invitation will also be available for purchase in the in-game mall for a limited time!

I’m pretty glad I’m not a fan of Vyn Richter, but this just means that there will be a lot of stuff going on for Luke’s birthday this December. That, I’m really excited about, haha!

Good luck to all you Vyn fans out there! May the gacha gods be in your favor. 🙂

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