New Tencent MMO Chimeraland Opens Pre-Registration

If you’re an MMO fan and also into Eastern mythology, you might want to check out this new MMO called Chimeraland. It just opened up its pre-registration event and will launch soon in 2022!

BTW, it’s being published by Level Infinite, and launched by Tencent Games! 🙂

Chimeraland Holds Pre-Registration Event

chimeraland official release date

Starting December 16, 2021, players can pre-register to play Chimeraland on their official website. Amazing rewards such as Cowries, Legendary Pill and Pet Egg will also be given to those who sign up.

And of course, with every pre-registration event, there will be rewards per signup milestone. Hopefully many will be curious about Chimeraland’s oriental mythology setting. 🙂

New PC & Mobile MMO From Tencent

chimeraland download

Chimeraland is an innovative open-world MMO game inspired by the boundless universe of oriental mythology. It is published by Level Infinite, and launched by Tencent Games.

The title is heavily inspired by “Classic of Mountains and Seas“, a renowned Chinese literature
famous for its ancient mythical beasts.

In terms of gameplay, the vast open world will have many beasts and monsters that players can admire, battle, tame or evolve into new “Chimeras.” The world will be spherical, which is quite unique. According to the devs, this means that there won’t be any invisible walls. The map will have over 4,000 square kilometers spread across four continents, seas, and oceans. Sounds pretty huge to me. O.O

Customizability will also be an option in Chimeraland. There will be a base/home building feature and players can also raise their own Chimera Pets that have been captured or evolved from the beasts in the world.

There is no official release date yet for Chimeraland, however, it seems it will launch early 2022. Interested players can go to the official site to pre-register and check out the game’s features and info! 🙂

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