The 2018 ESGS Experience

Before you tell me that it’s already too late, here’s some of the cool experiences I had over at ESGS 2018: The Hype Continues!

ESGS has become a staple in my convention goings, besides APCC and Toycon! I feel with one covering pop culture both Eastern & Western and one catered more towards the toy culture, the final of the three, which is really all about gaming, makes it a complete geek circle. LOL!

Anyway, there indeed was hype at ESGS 2018 and I want to show you in pictures! 🙂

Kojima Productions Booth:

I’m pretty sure that the Kojima Productions Booth was one of the main reasons people went to ESGS 2018. You could purchase exclusive merch that you could only otherwise get from abroad!

I didn’t get anything (because I didn’t want to purchase a shirt of a game that I might not even like, LOL) but Rick did and he spent a good deal on a t-shirt and a couple of pins. Haha!

ASUS ROG Phone Showcase:

Okay, another headlinerduring the event was the launch of the ASUS ROG phone! I’ll write a specific post about this but man, I couldn’t even touch it during the two days I was there BECAUSE OF THE SHEER NUMBER OF PEOPLE.

The ASUS ROG booth was HUUUUUUUGE. And it had all their gaming peripherals – laptops, pc rigs, keyboards, and headsets!

The Road to the Nationals Stage & Tournaments:

I heard that people actually stayed until 3AM just to witness the Tekken 7 tournament of The Road to the Nationals. Talk about the real fandom right there, haha!

This series is definitely one to watch out for. I hope that the local talent we produce from this series of tournaments will get continuous support!

Ragnarok M Eternal Love:

You guyssssssssssss! Ragnarok M Eternal Love is taking the Philippines by storm! Even now I overhear people talking about this game in the office AND EVEN WHEN I’M ON THE COMMUTE.

I have no plans to play it because I’ve been using up all my phone’s battery on Pokemon Go but geez, the love for and of Ragnarok is definitely ETERNAL. LOL.

Merch Booths:

A lot of my friends also went to ESGS 2018 because of the exclusive deals you could get with different gaming peripheral booths.

You could see Corsair, Logitech, HyperX, and Omen by HP were some of the big name brands that had their own deals & offerings.

ESGS is getting interesting every year. Though my only complaint was the lack of video game announcements & demos, we had a huge turnout with regards to gaming hardware and actual video game tournaments.

Well, that’s the con for you guys, haha! What do you think? What’s your favorite moment/part of ESGS? 🙂

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