The Down-Low on Final Fantasy XV

Hey guys, I’m sure you all already know that Final Fantasy XV is going to be released this year. But yesterday, at the Square Enix event, they went all out and just made it into an FFXV bonanza! (WARNING: PHOTO & VIDEO HEAVY)

So, I needed a day to digest all the majestic things that Square Enix is throwing our way. Now, let’s run through some of the things (maybe everything right now but we never know when we’re gonna get more stuff) that we can expect from the entire Final Fantasy XV extravaganza. 🙂

1. Release Date


The game will be released September 30 this year for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. That’s my birthday btw so hint hint. Haha! I’ve collated some of the videos/trailers, so check them out below:

Reclaim Your Throne Trailer:

This is a brand new trailer that involves a little more story premise. In the eyes of the King, Noctis’ father. IONNO guys but anything with parents makes me teary-eyed and FEELS-y.

Theme Song Announcement:

The game’s theme song will be a cover of “Stand By Me”, the Ben E. King classic. Florence + the Machine was chosen to do the cover of the song.

2. Platinum Demo

Starting last night, fans can download a special demo for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One which will be about Prince Noctis as a young child in a sort of dreamscape setting.

This demo won’t be available with the full FFXV game so make sure to download it as soon as you can. It’s a great way to try out the gameplay as you help child Noctis battle monsters and master weapons & skills. Completing the demo gives you the exclusive Carbuncle summon that you will be able to access in the full game.

You can view the trailer below:

3. Special Editions

This is the part that gets me because I’m a sucker for Collector Editions and all that jazz. Square Enix announced three special editions for FFXV that will surely make your wallet cry.

Day One Edition


This special edition is priced at USD 59.99 and will include the game, bonus content of the Masamune weapon, and Pre-Order incentives for the Playstation 4 (Dynamic PS4™ theme for PlayStation®4 players) and the Xbox One (2 Xbox One Avatars including Noctis Special Outfit and Carbuncle pet).

Deluxe Edition


The Deluxe edition is priced at USD 89.99 and will include the game, an exclusive steelbook cover featuring Yoshitaka Amano artwork, the Kingsglaive:Final Fantasy XV Blue-ray disc, and bonus content of the “Royal Raiment” outfit, “Masamune” weapon, and “Platinum Leviathan” car recolor.

Ultimate Collector’s Edition


Huhu, this one I swear I’m gonna get. /all my cries. The Ultimate Collector’s Edition is priced at a whopping USD 269.99 and will be limited to only 30,000 units worldwide! It’s a Square Enix Online Store-exclusive that will include the game, the exclusive steelbook cover, the Kingsglaive:Final Fantasy XV and Brotherhood:Final Fantasy XV Blu-ray discs, a special soundtrack, a 192-page special artbook (YAAAAAS), an exclusive Play Arts Kai – Noctis figure with an Ultimate Edition-exclusive weapon, the bonus content works of the “Royal Raiment” outfit, “Masamune” weapon, and “Platinum Leviathan” car recolor, and in-game item packs of the “Travel Pack,” “Camera Kit,” “Angler Set,” and “Gourmand Set”.

Agh, that was a mouthful. I’m super excited, gahd. I’m currently on the waitlist for the Ultimate Collector’s Edition, wish me luck!

4. Anime & Movie

It was also announced that before FFXV will launch, they will also release a CG movie and five-episode anime.

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

Starring the voices of popular Hollywood actors Sean Bean as King Regis, Lena Headey as Princess Luna, and Aaron Paul as Kingsglaive soldier Nyx, the plot will focus more on the King of Lucis and Princess Luna as Prince Noctis starts his journey with his troupe. Their official website is up and running, so you can check it out if you want more information. 🙂

Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV

The five-episode anime series will also set the stage for the game. The story will revolve around Prince Noctis and his friendship with the members of his crew. These episodes will be streamed worldwide for FREE.

5. Justice Monsters Five

A mini-game called Justice Monsters Five was also unveiled during the event. It will be released on iOS, Android, and Windows 10 and it will be FREE! It’s said that it will be a pinball game and slated to be released before the launch of FFXV. You can pre-register on your iOS and Android devices now. 🙂

AAANNDDD that’s about it for now. I have never written anything as long as this in my entire life.

There is so much to look forward to for Final Fantasy XV, guys.  Ten years is too long to wait for a single game and it’s looking like Square Enix is making that wait totally worth our while.

They’re really going out on arms and limbs here, all guns blazing! And I’m sure I’m not the only FF fan who is stoked about this entire thing! I can’t wait for what the upcoming months have in store for us and most of all, I can’t wait for September 30!

Source/Images:, Square Enix Online Store,

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