The Fresh Gelato of Casa Italia

Desserts are my first love. I’ve always had a sweet tooth for as long as I can remember and I eat almost any kind of sweets, be it ice cream, cake, doughnuts, etc. Haha!

I recently visited Casa Italia, a fairly new establishment in Bonifacio Global City that’s been making waves online. We took a gander and decided that we wanted to try the Gelato everyone’s been raving about.

Casa Italia is a bit difficult to find, in my opinion. If you’re familiar with Burgos Circle in BGC, it’s in the northern part of the area, near the Mcdonald’s along Rizal Drive. It’s hard to describe but you’ll know you’re near the place when you see a giant Robinsons Mall across the street.


It is very stylized and picturesque. What I like the most is that it gives you that warm, country, home-y feel when you step inside. There’s cute paraphernalia everywhere that reminds you of farms and barns which convinces your subconscious into thinking that whatever they serve is made from extremely fresh ingredients!

A very pleasant touch, I think!



Casa Italia serves their famous Coffee Otto – Otto means eight in Italian because their coffee beans are never more than 8 weeks old when they’re brewed and served, Handcrafted Gelato, and Freshlymade Food. They first opened in Singapore and now have two branches in Manila!



Of course, since I’m not much of a coffee drinker, I didn’t really get to sample their famous coffee. Haha! We had a different goal, however, so on we go to the Gelato! 🙂

I’m always in love with the way Gelato is presented. Swirls of cream and flavors scooped up into a cone or cup. I mean, who won’t ever be enticed by that?



Being the boring people that we are, we decided to grab a scoop each, Nutella for her and Cookies N’ Cream for him. 🙂 They were pretty good! One scoop is around Php 130, if I’m not mistaken. I’m not sure about the prices for the other sizes. 🙂

Honestly, the Gelato is a bit pricey for me but I guess if you’re really craving for a certain flavor that you can only find from here, then go for it! 🙂

They told me that they have a bunch of pretty good bestsellers like Durian (LIKE OMG! HAHA!), Pistachio, and Avocado, if you’re into exotic fruit. They also have good decadent ones like Chocolate Truffle and Swiss Mountain Chocolate, etc.

You can choose your poison in cone- in Medio ( 2 Scoops ) or Grande ( 3 Scoops ), cup – Piccolo ( 1 Scoop ), Medio ( 2 Scoops ), or Grande ( 3 Scoops ), and Takeaway (Box) – Pack of 2 Flavours ( 500 cc ), Pack of 4 Flavours ( 1000 cc ), Pack of 6 Flavours ( 1500 cc ), or Pack of 8 Flavours ( 2000 cc ). Durian comes only in Medio Cup or Takeaway ( 500 cc ).

Casa Italia can be found in Forbes Town Center, Forbestown Road, Bonifacio Global City or SM North Edsa. You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram. 🙂

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