The Game of Politics with Politricks

A new card game is set to hit the metro, and just in time for the election season! Let’s get to know more about the Politricks Card Game! Who knows, you might be an electoral candidate in the making! 🙂

The objective of the game isn’t complicated. You just have to win the political seat that you’re gunning for. How? Well, it’s either you low-blow your competitors with nasty rumors and other things or win the hearts of the citizens by handing out gifts or what the game calls “merienda.”

Haha! I’m sorry, I think it’s really timely that this game will be launched this season! It’s a great (and fun) way to to educate mature Filipinos about the true nature of the Philippine polls. Don’t get them wrong however, the game doesn’t want to promote the use of dirty tricks and schemes but to simply open the eyes of the public.


Here is a brief description of Politricks:

“In this game, you and your friends get to play as corrupt politicians vying to win a government seat. Poke fun at all the outrageous things dirty candidates do to win the elections, such as:
– Shamelessly promoting yourself by singing and crying!
– Bribing your way to the top – the more you pay, the more chances of winning!
– Sabotaging your rivals – accuse them of insanity, freeze their bank accounts, and lock them up in house arrest!
– Raising cash from dubious sources – In illegal gambling, endless road repairs, and pork barrel scams – anywhere but your own pocket.”

The game requires 2-5 mature players for each round that may last up to 20 minutes. HAHA! Mature, indeed. :))

There is an actual launch and game demo happening TODAY at the Snacks and Ladders Boardgame Cafe, at Maginhawa Street QC from 1-3 P.M, if you’re in the area. You can also purchase the card game then! If you can’t make it, however, be sure to check them out on Facebook and Instagram!

Happy politicking!

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