The Top 5 Sailor Moon Items Any Adult Fan Would Love To Have

… But Are Too Expensive or Will Probably Never Be Used

Sailor Moon was and still is a phenomenon that seems to transcend time and space. When the manga and anime came out in the ’90s, the world was first introduced to the concept of “Mahou Shoujo” or Magical Girl, a type of anime series that would continue to populate the selection of must-watch anime series well into the current times and most probably into the future.

I am a big fan of Sailor Moon! And I think a lot of women my age, and now young girls who have seen Sailor Moon Crystal, are thoroughly being harassed by the Sailor Moon craze. We’re put through the test of might, will, and purchasing power with the advent of new Sailor Moon merchandise that celebrates the series’ 20th anniversary. Whew.

I decided to write this article because I wanted to share some of the items that I, personally, as a huge Sailor Moon fanatic, would love to have but would probably never or, most likely, could never buy because: A.) It would cost me an arm, a leg, and a liver or B.) The thing would be too pretty, so much so, that I would put it up on a display pedestal never to be used or touched… Sort of rendering it useless, then. HAHA!

Anyway, here is my short list:

1. Sailor Moon Serenity Crystal Wedding Tiara


Retail Price: ¥370,000

Please let the fangirl in me just bask in the glory of this item for a moment. Based on Neo-Queen Serenity’s tiara, this pretty one was created by tiara designer Taro Kamitami. Targeted more for adult women who are avid collectors or fans and/or of marrying age, the tiara is about 10.5cm in width x 4.8cm in height, made with gold plated brass, Swarovski crystals and imitation pearls. Although if you ask me, I would most likely display it somewhere for me to ogle at all times, only to wear it in the dark of the night when no one is watching, LOL.

2. Sailor Moon x Noritake Tea Cup & Saucer Set



Retail Price: ¥7,776

I don’t even drink tea and yet I want this! I really, really want this! The 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon brought about more adult-oriented merchandise such as these gorgeous items. I say it’s catered to the older generation (the fans that watched the anime and read the manga early on) who are now more capable of shelling out vast amounts of moolah for their fandom.

There are currently two sets from the Sailor Moon x Noritake collaboration: one that represents the love between Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion while another that focuses on the camaraderie and friendship between the Five Inner Senshi. Noritake is a famous tableware manufacturer brand in Japan and these teacup and saucer sets are made from bone china.

3. Sailor Moon Proplica


Retail Price: Depends on Model

It’s a constant struggle whenever another Sailor Moon Proplica is released. Manufactured by Bandai Tamashii Nations, these life-sized “props” are close to realistic and provide a good deal of entertainment for fans of all ages. Each of the Proplicas have different modes, buttons, lights & sounds that make it feel like the real deal! Right now, the items currently available in the market are the Crystal Heart, Moon Stick, Cutie Moon Rod, and Spiral Heart Moon Rod.

4. Sailor Moon R Moon Miracle Romance Shining Powder


Retail Price: ¥4,536 (tax included)

Most women like make-up. And I think most women who are Sailor Moon fans would kill to get this item! This is a personal favorite since the Crystal Heart Compact holds a special place in my heart (this is Usagi’s 2nd compact and the 1st one she uses to house her Ginzuishou or Silver Crystal). The compact houses a pressed powder that comes in a soft pink tone with a little bit of shimmer that aims to swat away at annoying oily spots on your face.

5. Sailor Moon Rainbow Moon Chalice Clip Case


Retail Price: ¥8,640 (tax included)

Who doesn’t need paper clips?! Who doesn’t need paper clips shaped in moons and stars and placed in the series’ iconic Holy Grail? Tell me, who?!

Last but not least, this is definitely one of those items that I’m bound to just display and never use because it would totally break my heart to lose any of those gorgeous paper clips! The chalice is crafted out of metal and the gems are made of glass. The measurement of the chalice is 10cm tall, 8.2cm wide and 5.1cm and each comes with 12 paper clips.

Well, there you have it! I am constantly on the look-out for more Sailor Moon merchandise and it’s exciting to see that such a classic series is still taking the world of fandom by the horns. I can’t wait to see what else they can come up with! 🙂

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