“The Walking Dead: Kẻ Sống Sót”, a New SLG Game Developed by Elex was Released in Vietnam

BEIJING, June 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, Funtap released a new SLG game “The Walking Dead: Kẻ Sống Sót”, a self-developed game by Elex in Vietnam on May 24th, which marked a new journey and adventure for its players in the Vietnamese market.

(Download THE WALKING DEAD: Kẻ Sống Sót on Android and iOS now:

The Walking Dead: Survivors (its global name), a mobile game officially licensed by The Walking Dead comics, was released globally in 2021 with a total download of 20 million worldwide and was awarded Google Play Best Game of 2021 as well as “User’s Choice Award” Nominee. This is its first launch in Vietnam.

The Walking Dead: Kẻ Sống Sót is a strategic game that allows players to experience the apocalypse in a whole new way. As a survivor, you must scavenge for resources, build up your base and defend against the hordes of walkers and other players that seek to destroy you and claim your hard earned resources.

Besides the grand launch event, the Tomb Raider herself has also joined The Walking Dead: Kẻ Sống Sót! One of the most iconic characters in video gaming history is joining our ranks!

It’s time to join forces with Lara Croft and fight for your survival! With Lara Croft joining the ranks of survivors, there is no telling what new challenges and adventures await you.

Download THE WALKING DEAD: Kẻ Sống Sót on Android and iOS now:  https://twds-vn.onelink.me/0jy2/w3ryd9hv 

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