TNC, SYBER, and High Grounds Cafe Ties Up to Spearhead E-Sports in PH

It’s a most wonderful time in the country’s competitive gaming scene! Our teams are making waves internationally so it really isn’t a surprise when TNC Gaming, the Philippines’ top e-sports organization, Malaysian e-sports outlet, SYBER, and High Grounds Café, a premier gaming café, have recently decided to band together to make e-sports in the Philippines BIGGER and BETTER!

Though not much of an e-sports follower myself, I do appreciate the fact that SEA companies are taking notice of our local talent. Call it Filipino pride or whatever, LOL.

SYBER is an esports outlet based in Malaysia that is currently expanding to ShanTou, China. The cyber bar promotes the growth and development of e-sports by creating an exciting, challenging, and high-end environment that allows the scene to flourish in the South East Asian Region.

High Grounds Café is the first and only, high-end gaming café in Metro Manila. Its position in the market allows the company to differentiate itself from other internet shops and cyber cafes in the country. The café is powered by TNC Gaming, the top gaming organization in the Philippines, and by top-tier gaming computer brand, Acer Predator.

SYBER and High Grounds Café will merge and spearhead the flourishing e-sports scene throughout The Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and China in order to build a healthy community in the region.

It was also my first time (and I’m not sure if I’ll ever return because OMG this place is effin’ far, I cannot believe I made it all the way to Timog, LOL) to visit High Grounds Cafe. It’s a cute little concept, in my opinion, and I totally love that they have an area dedicated to competitive e-sports playing!

Seriously, how cool is that? Who WOULDN’T want to play here? HAHA! They did mention that they’re both not only looking to keep DOTA2 players in their talent pool but also Hearthstone, LoL players, etc. Sadly, those aren’t games that I play (I’m more of a Diablo III or HotS girl. Also, where is the Overwatch???) but hey, good luck to those aspiring to be the next big e-sports stars!

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