UNBOXING + MINI-REVIEW: Rapoo V-Pro VH200 Headset & V280 Gaming Mouse

A few weeks ago, I posted news that Rapoo Philippines was coming out with a gaming peripherals line. They were so gracious enough to let me experience some of them, so here’s the Rapoo V-Pro VH200 Headset & V280 Gaming Mouse unboxing & mini-review!

Rapoo V-Pro VH200 Illuminated Gaming Headset

The Rapoo V-Pro VH200 Illuminated Gaming Headset came at a time when I was looking for a new headset to try out. I’ve been using another brand and I wanted to see if there’s a better one in the market, haha! Here are the specs:
Diameter: 50mm
Sensitivity: 103±3dB
Impedance: 1kHz/32Ω
Frequency Response: 20-20,000Hz

It comes in an all black finish & three plugs – one for audio output, one for mic input, & a USB that you can plug in if you want the option to light it up!

It has 16-million-colors breathing light – which you can adjust using the button located at the back of the left ear cup. The volume settings can be found there as well. 🙂

It boasts of a “noise-isolating over-ear design with soft & comfortable ear cups”. I tested them out & the noise-cancelling aspect of this headset is pretty good. It takes me a while to realize that rain is pouring out my window or someone just came into my room to call me for dinner, hahaha!

The VH200 also comes with retractable noise-cancelling mic with the following specs:
Mic Dimension: 4.0mm*1.5mm
Mic Directivity: Omni
Sensitivity: -42±3dB
Impedance: 2,200Ω

Though it seems you need to adjust the volume of the mic manually through your computer’s audio settings because I tried it over my stream one night and my viewers couldn’t hear my voice that much. A little fiddling around and this would probably work well for anyone who needs that headphone + mic combo for gaming!

The Rapoo V-Pro VH200 Illuminated Gaming Headset is priced at Php 1,495 – imho, that’s pretty affordable for a noise-cancelling headset with built-in mic!

Rapoo V-Pro V280 Optical Gaming Mouse

Another peripheral that I was able to experience was the Rapoo V-Pro V280 Optical Gaming Mouse! Here are the specs:
Tracking Performance
Resolution: 500-7,000 adjustable DPI
Image Processing: 5,300 FPS
Max. Speed: 80inch per sec
Max. Acceleration: 20G
Response Speed
USB Report Rate: 1,000x per sec
USB Data Format: 16bits
Max. Working Current: 180mA
Product Dimensions: 119.57×63.02×37.88mm
Product Weight: 137g

It is a nice sleek black mouse with texturized panels on both sides. The middle mouse button wheel also has ridges for easier grip when scrolling through web pages. The button right below it is responsible for adjusting your cursor’s sensitivity. 🙂

When held, it has a solid weight to it & when plugged in, it provides a spectacular rainbow of colors through its LED multi-color light system with 16 million colors. 🙂

The mouse has an onboard memory which is supposed to save and play your sensitivity settings so you can just plug this mouse anywhere & you’ll be good to go. I’ve yet to figure that option out, though, so I’m not sure how it works. LOL.

The Rapoo V-Pro V280 Optical Gaming Mouse is priced at Php 1,320 which is not that bad. My only gripe is that my hands are incredibly small, my fingers are tiny LOL, so having a mid-sized & weighty mouse such as this makes it quite difficult to move it around. Oh, also, the LED light customization is still out of reach since their downloadable program has yet to be translated to English, haha!

But other than that, it’s affordable, has a solid feel to it & has extra buttons to the side. I would think it’s a good gaming mouse to start your adventures with. 🙂

The Rapoo V-Pro VH200 Illuminated Gaming Headset & the V-Pro V280 Optical Gaming Mouse will be available this 3rd week of September so check out the stores if you want ’em! 🙂

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