UNIQLO F/W 2017 Celebrates Life!

Can I just say, I’m a huge patron of UNIQLO! I buy a LOT of my geek shirts there, haha! So it was really a pleasant surprise when UNIQLO invited me to preview their Fall/Winter 2017 collection a few weeks back. Let’s check out what’s new with the brand! 🙂

Nestled somewhere in Makati, the event wasn’t quite what I expected. It was interesting for me because 1) I love, love, LOVE UNIQLO, so of course I’d be highly interested in what new things they have to offer and 2) because, of all the fashion events in my life that I’ve been to (aside from the ones I’ve actually helped plan LOL), there was something uniquely UNIQLO with this one.

The number one thing I love about the brand is the simplicity. It is the definition of basic! And not in a negative way. And that translates so perfectly during the event. There were no crazy-large set-ups or blinding lights or props. It was fun yet informative, experiential without losing that lifestyle edge, haha! Am I even making sense? IDK. LOL.

There were different areas in the venue that highlighted a specific collaboration, collection, or technology. Let’s go through some of them! 🙂

One of the main highlights in the event was the highly-anticipated collaboration with British fashion designer JW Anderson.

The collection has a very urban London feel with pops of reds and greens, perfect in prepping for the incoming holiday season, haha!

Though not a newbie in collabs with UNIQLO, Ines De La Fressange debuts her menswear collection this F/W 2017!

This is my favorite of the bunch. It has all the nice greys, blacks, and whites that currently populate my wardrobe, haha! It is a little more chic than the JW Anderson collab because, well, it’s more Parisian-inspired, haha!

There were also areas that focused on the innovative Japanese technology that have been incorporated in the production of some of UNIQLO’s collections! They showcased experiments and exhibitions specifically for HEATTECH, Ultra Light Down, and Airism!


UNIQLO’s Ultra Light Down jackets bring new life to outerwear by combining warmth and lightness. The jackets are made of ultra-fine fiber, resulting in incredibly light and compact pieces that and can replace traditional sweaters worn under coats. It can easily be folded into a pouch, making it convenient to be carried around.


HEATTECH is innerwear that features heat retaining properties to keep you warm and a soft texture to keep you comfortable all day. Designed with Toray Industries, Inc.—one of Japan’s top fibers and textiles manufacturers, the HEATTECH line comes in three styles: HEATTECH, HEATTECH Extra Warm, and HEATTECH Ultra Warm, each one offering different levels of warmth to keep people comfortable anywhere around the world.


AIRism is functional innerwear that keeps people incredibly dry and comfortable in any kind of weather. The result of a joint project with Toray and Asahi Kasei, a Japanese manufacturer of fibers and textiles, AIRism employs specially engineered fibers to breathe and wick away trapped moisture. The pieces in the collection accommodate specific requirements of men, women, children, and babies to ensure comfort for all.

Of course, we can’t forget about UNIQLO’s Essentials!


Evolving from its utilitarian workwear origins, denim has embedded itself into the cultural landscape, including the fields of music, art, and film. An important element of the LifeWear collection, UNIQLO established its JEANS INNOVATION CENTER in Los Angeles in 2016, where UNIQLO creates the best jeans for everyone, everywhere. The LA-inspired pieces on show look exceptional and are very comfortable to wear.


UNIQLO U represents the future of LifeWear, designed in our visionary Paris R&D Center by a small and focused team, led by artistic director Christophe Lemaire. The center draws on the proud fashion traditions of Paris, while incorporating new fabrics and cutting edge technology, in a relentless drive to revolutionize clothing basics.

And well, a fashion launch wouldn’t be complete without a runway show! We were treated to some of the latest pieces in action!

The biggest surprise of them all was seeing our very own Miss Universe – Pia Wurtzbach – back on the runway!

Her presence on stage is really amazing! No wonder she was crowned, haha!

And that was UNIQLO’s F/W 2017 collection! It was really refreshing to go to a fashion event! I’ve been to so many geek cons and gaming events recently that I was afraid I was starting to lose my feminine side, HAHA. JUST KIDDING!

Check out UNIQLO at their website, Facebook Page, or Instagram! 🙂 Toodles~

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