Witness Competitive P2E Gaming With United Gamers Guild Axie Pro Tournament

Another gaming guild in the PH is looking to reignite the competitive spirit in P2e gaming! Experience esports P2E with the United Gamers Guild Axie Pro Tournament happening this week! 🙂

What Is The United Gamers Guild Axie Pro Tournament?

United Gamers Guild Discord

The United Gamers Guild (UGG) Axie Pro Tournament is looking to put the spotlight on competitive P2E games. Showcasing the best and most competitive Axie Infinity players in the PH, tourney opened up its registration last January 30, 2022, receiving 11,000 and more participants!

Narrowed down to 16 Axie Infinity competitors, they will battle it out with 16 Axie Infinity content creators who will make up the Top 32 for the Axie Pro Tournament! The Top 32 will have to face off and compete in an intense double elimination format for the chance to be crowned the UGG Axie Pro Tournament Champion and win the prize pool!

“The United Gamers Axie Pro League aims to give the gaming community an opportunity to prove their skills to millions of viewers. It will help Filipinos grow more passionate about playing Axie Infinity, and perhaps encourage them to enjoy the game even more,” said Phillip Sebastian, CEO of United Gamers Guild.

Schedule & Prizes

United Gamers Guild Axie Tournament

The Axie Pro Tournament Playoffs actually already happened last February 3-6, 2022, however, the Grand Finals will be happening this February 10-13, 2022. So you still have time to get up to speed on all the action!

The prize pool includes 180 AXS, which is worth almost $10,000. What’s more, the UGG Axie Pro Tournament Champion will receive the NFT Profile Photo BPOS #185 from Bored Punks of Society. It’s a pretty frikkin’ cute NFT, methinks. HAHA!

I’m always curious about how competitive a P2E game can become, haha! I guess I’ll have to catch a match online one of these days, LOL! If you’re interested in the tournament, you can catch all the happenings on the UGG Facebook Page! 🙂

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