Vertux Gaming Philippines – Unboxing & First Impressions

As a semi-techie person who is pretty keen about constantly upgrading my gaming set-up, I am always ready to explore different peripherals in the market. When Vertux Gaming Philippines reached out so I could try some of their gaming products, of course I said yes!

Here’s the OMGluie Unboxing & First Impressions of the Vertux Gaming Philippines Radiance Keyboard, Manila Headset, and Sensei Mouse!

Who Is Vertux Gaming Philippines?

Before we begin with the unboxings, I’m sure that everyone has the same question as me, LOL. Who is Vertux Philippines? Well, launched only last March 2021 in the Philippines, Vertux is a company whose products center around gaming peripherals. Gaming keyboards, headsets, mice, mousepads, speakers, and etc. are most of the items that they produce.

The company aims to bring to life their saying of “Gaming isn’t just a Hobby – it’s a Lifestyle.” … Which is true for most of us who spend close to 20-30 hours a week gaming when we’re not doing anything else. LOL! XD

“After the demand, we received from our digital launch in March, we want to solidify our e-commerce presence. Vertux partnered with today’s most sought-after online sites, Shopee, Lazada, Zalora, Grab Mart, and Viber. We are also beefing up our 2-year warranty in all of our products across our social media channels.” Vertux Philippines Country Manager Dimple Condes said.

Vertux Manila Gaming Headset – Price & Features

Vertux Gaming Headset

The Vertux Philippines Manila Gaming Headset is an ultra-immersive piece that comes with Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound. It is not USB-powered, something that surprised me TBH, but you can plug it in using its built-in 3.5mm headphone jack instead.

Vertux Manila Gaming Headset

It also comes with an adjustable “noise-isolating microphone” though I haven’t really used it all that much since it doesn’t record my voice that well. The noise cancellation of the Manila headset is nice though, so it’s easy to spend hours not noticing anybody coming in or out of your room while gaming, HAHAHA.

The headset cups are made out of PU leather, and the head band is adjustable to a certain degree. I have a pretty small head so I didn’t have to make the band longer, so I assume people with larger heads than mine would be able to fit their noggins into this headset. LOL!

Vertux Gaming Philippines Manila Volume Control

I especially liked that the cord was braided and that it had its own volume control, and switch to turn the mic on/off. This is very convenient! Plus the price isn’t that bad, it will only cost you PHP 1,495, if you buy it here.

Vertux Gaming Radiance Keyboard – Price & Features

Vertux Gaming Radiance Keyboard

The Vertux Philippines Radiance is an ergonomic backlit wired gaming keyboard. It has the whole set of keys in place, quite unlike the mini-keyboards that I’m used to.

I actually tested this keyboard out while playing Hades, and it performs just fine! It has six anti-ghosting keys (S,W,D, and left, right, down) that allows simultaneous pressing while gaming.

Vertux Gaming Philippines Radiance Keyboard

Though not mechanical nor are its lights’ colors controllable, the Radiance keyboard still has rainbow backlit keys that blend very well with its black frame. Just be sure to press the Scroll Lock button to turn the lights on!

The Vertux Gaming Radiance Keyboard’s price is actually a steal at PHP 995. It’s a pretty cheap keyboard, and does its job very well, so it’s great for those who are on a tight budget and need an affordable replacement. You can order it here!

Vertux Sensei Gaming Mouse – Price & Features

Vertux Sensei Gaming Mouse

The Vertux Philippines Sensei is a USB-wired ergonomic optical gaming mouse, with a DPI that can be adjusted to up to 3200.

This was another item I was able to test while playing Hades, and it worked in perfect tandem with the Radiance keyboard. 🙂

Vertux Gaming Mouse

Though the mouse does light up when plugged in, you unfortunately won’t be able to control its lighting scheme. Maybe this is something that Vertux already has for its higher-end products, or it may be something to consider implementing in the future. Given how important customization is to gamers, it may not be long for the company to work on the RGB customization aspect of their merch. HAHA!

Anyway, the Vertux Philippines Sensei Gaming Mouse also comes as another steal, with a price of PHP 495. So, it’s another option for gamers who don’t have a lot of cash to spare. XD You can buy it here!

Purchasing any of Vertux Gaming Philippines’ items that I featured above will come with a free 2-year warranty, reassuring buyers of the quality of their purchase. You can shop their items around select retail stores nationwide, and even online through Lazada, Shopee, Zalora, GrabMart, and even via Viber! Do check them out! 🙂

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