When A Community Takes Local To The Next Step – The Dyipne Tamiya We Didn’t Know We Needed

It’s always an exciting thing to witness the launch of a new geek product – whether it be gaming peripherals or a new Funko POP in the likeness of our favorite jolly bee. So you can just imagine my excitement (and surprise!) when the Brickyard and Lil’s Hobby Center gave us a preview of their very own “Dyipne” Tamiya!

The Tamiya hobby is something that’s always been on the sidelines of my childhood. I never really participated in it but it was always there. My cousins had their own Tamiyas and though my brothers didn’t, we had the old-school Playstation One Japanese game where you raced against each other using Tamiyas, LOL.

So it was quite a nostalgic experience when we were given the chance to build our own Tamiyas (and even race against each other) during the Brickyard Media Day.

I didn’t have enough time to build my own Tamiya because I got there late but I’m pretty sure everyone had so much fun, HAHA. Things sure got competitive between friends and you could hear the good-natured cajoling that could only be brought on by a shared love for a hobby.

But the most important part of that day, of course, was seeing the Dyipne Tamiya in real life!

“It is really exciting to finally have a kit that is truly and uniquely a Philippine cultural icon. It really goes to show that Tamiya recognizes the Philippines as one of its most important partners,” said Ferdie Kahn, owner of the The Brickyard, home of Tamiya in the Philippines.

Available this June 6, 2019 for a retail price of around PHP 700 – 750, the first-ever Dyipne Tamiya is a limited edition Mini 4WD kit! It makes me wonder if people will buy 2 pieces – one to race and one for display, haha! Also, I wonder if this can race as fast as the others? I mean, it should right? Given just how fast our local jeepney drivers make their way through Manila’s streets. LOL.

This is a beautiful culmination of just how alive the Tamiya community is in the Philippines! And it’s exciting because Tamiya recognizes the country as one of its biggest markets! So big that the Brickyard and Lil’s Hobby Center will be hosting the Tamiya Mini 4WD Asia Challenge event in Manila on June 20-23, 2019 at Glorietta 2!

“We are fortunate to be hosting this event for the first time in the Philippines and that is a testament to the popularity here in the Philippines.  We will essentially bring Mini 4WD back to the mainstream and I really want to showcase the Filipino racers.  This will give them a chance to shine in the world stage.  “It will also be attended by Mr. Tamiya, himself! We invite everyone to come and experience the thrill of this competition,” said Kahn.

So if you’re a Tamiya enthusiast, builder, fan or whatever, be sure to drop by and catch the craze! In the meantime, I’ll sit here in awe of just how gorgeous the Dyipne Tamiya is. I might just get one for myself, HAHA!

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