OMGluie Top Title Picks From Wholesome Direct 2022

Is it weird that I’ve always had this love for indie games? Especially cozy ones! I remember being the only one in my gaming circle who knew and backed titles like Moonlighter, Deiland, and Calico on Kickstarter, haha!

But anyway! Wholesome Direct 2022 streamed online just a few days ago, and I actually sat down to go through the whole show to see if there’s anything that’d catch my eye! I’m not surprised because I added a bunch of titles to my Steam wishlist as the show went on, and HERE ARE MY TOP PICKS AND RECOS!

Fair warning, my preference may not be the same as yours. I prefer farming sims, RPGs, and anything that involves crafting, adventuring, organizing, and collecting, so you’ll definitely see that in my list of recommended game titles. XD

Some of the games shared on the livestream are titles I’ve already backed on Kickstarter or added to my list way, way back when, SO, I’ll start with the new ones I discovered during the stream! 🙂

Newly Discovered Wholesome Direct 2022 Titles

Usagi Shima

Wholesome Direct 2022 Usagi Shima

If you’re a fan of the old cat collection mobile game Neko Atsume, there’s a new casual game called Usagi Shima that looks and plays very similarly!

It seems super casual and super chill, and you’re simply tasked to take care of an abandoned island. Which BTW is inspired by an ACTUAL AND REAL BUNNY ISLAND IN JAPAN!

Usagi Shima is being developed by just one person, so the official release dates are TBA! Totally understandable because it’s hard work to develop a game, especially on your own. However, the dev shared that they are aiming for iOS and Android beta by the end of 2022, and final release, including Steam and PC, during early 2023. 🙂

Potion Permit

Potion Permit release date

Another title that caught my eye during the 2022 Wholesome Direct is Potion Permit! This time you take the role of a well-known chemist who is tasked to help cure the ailing residents of the town of Moonbury.

It’s an action-adventure RPG but it also has a bit of crafting and resource gathering. You need to venture out into the surrounding areas and defeat monsters to gather ingredients for your potions. You’ll also need to learn how to get along with the residents of Moonbury but at least you’ll have your faithful dog companion with you. 🙂

It sounds a bit more complicated, and if the storytelling is great, might actually be a cute little gem of a game. The slated release date is sometime this 2022.

A Little To The Left

A Little To The Left download

If you’ve got an organizing itch to scratch, A Little To The Left might be the game for you! This title is actually quite interesting because it seemingly only needs you to “tidy up regular household items” but with a twist. Each organizing task actually has a slightly deeper puzzle that you need to figure out.

I’m also interested in the game’s feature called “The Daily Tidy Delivery,” which is supposed to be a daily puzzle you need to solve that is unique to you. I’m sure the premise sounds pretty simple, but organization games seem to have a tendency to get really complicated and challenging later on, so, BRING IT ON. HAHA!

A Little To The Left has a demo out on Steam right now, which you can check out. But the release date is slated for 2022 as well. 🙂

Wholesome – Out and About

wholesome direct 2022 wholesome out and about

On the more life simulation side of things, Wholesome – Out and About is a cute video game with 3D visuals that will have players help restore a small coastal village after a natural disaster.

In the town of Wholesome, you’ll have to craft, cook, gather, plant, and farm your way through the game. You can venture out into surrounding greenery, and even identify plants to help you with your cooking and crafting. There’s a bit of customization involved, so that’s something life sim fans can look forward to! XD

Wholesome – Out and About will be released in 2023, so there’s still a bit of a wait before its launch. 🙂

Titles I’ve Already Backed Or Heard Of

The Garden Path

The Garden Path release date

The thing that caught my eye about The Garden Path is its breathtaking art style. The farming aspect of this game is bound by real-time, so players can simply finish their daily in-game tasks and come back tomorrow to continue.

The storytelling and character development looks really unique and promising, too. So although there isn’t much revealed about the game yet, I’m totes excited about this one! The Garden Path looks to be released this 2022!

PuffPals: Island Skies

PuffPals Island Skies steam

One of my biggest regrets is not being able to back PuffPals: Island Skies on Kickstarter. Now, the game is still available for pre-order, but of course, a lot of backer rewards are already locked. 🙁

Okay, how can I not love or recommend this game? IT IS SUPER CUTE. As usual, it’s a farming life sim game, like Animal Crossing: New Horizons but WAY, WAY, WAY, WAY CUTER AND FLUFFIER. Need I say more? HAHA!

Development of this title is gonna take a bit longer, with a release window in 2023. However, if the game is gonna look anything like its gameplay trailer, I would understand that it’s definitely gonna take some time to develop, haha!

Snacko – A Farming Cat-Venture

Snacko game

Okay, another title that I regret not being able to back when it was being crowdfunded, Snacko is another life/farming sim game but this time you’re playing as a cat!

The gameplay for this title has a bit more sandbox in it, meaning you get to customize your town. Though I’m not much of a pixel game fan, I tolerate it when it comes to genres I love like farming sims, hahaha!

Anyway, I like and recommend Snacko because it’s going to be available on a lot of platforms – Switch, PlayStation, and Steam. The release date is still TBA, as far as I know. 🙂

AND THAT’S IT! OMG. That’s a LOOOOOOT of games! Hahahaha! Anyway, you can check out the entire Wholesome Games line-up because they revealed a lot of titles and updated existing ones as well!

What do you think? Any that you think you might add to your wishlist as well? XD

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