Congrats XTREME Appliances For 148% Increase In 2021 Sales!

It’s pretty interesting to see a relatively young brand like XTREME Appliances reaching new sales heights in the midst of the pandemic! I guess, since everyone is now stuck at home, they have no choice but to improve their living situations.

But yeah, congratulations to XTREME Appliances for getting to this big milestone! Having 148% increase in sales this 2021 is definitely something to celebrate. XD

XTREME Appliances Increases Sales In 2021

Since 2020, what’s interesting to note is that XTREME Appliances experienced a 52% growth in sales, specifically with their Android TVs. LOL. Like I said, with everyone being home now, there is much need to make home environments more suitable!

XTREME Appliances Stephen Cheng

“Some Filipinos are looking for ways to make their quarantine bearable and worthwhile. The surge in home improvements including appliances upgrade has been really impactful to the local appliance market, most especially to our brand. The fact of the matter is, these home projects and lifestyle upgrades cater to the lifestyle changes in this new normal world,” says XTREME Appliances Vice President for Marketing, Stephen Cheng.

For XTREME’s other products, there was a 30% increase in sales. These products include air conditioning units, refrigerators, and washing machines. The brand also launched new products that really catered to the Filipino who is now at home including a portable aircon, electric oven, large-capacity air fryer, twin tub washing machines, inverter double-door refrigerator, deep fryer, and a variety of gas stoves.

All of these efforts, plus the brand’s goal to expand around the country, has really led to the increase in sales. It’s quite admirable, and I hope XTREME Appliances will keep growing more and more! XD

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