YCP Solidiance Launches New Study on Esports Industry in the Philippines

MANILA, Philippines, June 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — YCP Solidiance has recently published a white paper titled The Next Level: The Rise of Esports in the Philippines, that emphasizes the country’s potential of exponential esports growth, noting the massive number of active players and their history of enthusiasm towards video games since the early 2000s.

Mobile Legends Daily Active Users (in Millions)
Mobile Legends Daily Active Users (in Millions)

The esports industry in the Philippines currently has over 43 million active gamers, a number growing steadily by 12.9% yearly since 2017. The country’s most played game, Mobile Legends, reached a whopping peak of 2.65 million active users daily (from data by the Google Play store in April 2019), and has shown consistent growth at a CAGR of 9%.

However, game publishers have struggled to generate long-term and sustainable success in professional esports leagues despite the country’s sizable gaming community. The local industry has yet to prove that esports titles hold a lifespan long enough to support professional players’ careers, unlike traditional sports that have a long-proven history of consistent returns and established fan support. In contrast, international leagues such as The Overwatch League and League of Legends: League Championship Series have successfully proven their success in other countries, paving ways for a profitable future for the Philippine esports market.

Key Takeaways to Grow the Philippine Esports Industry

Opening up investment opportunities in the local esports sector requires a delicate balancing act between three key success drivers:

  1. A healthy competitive environment: Competition is the foundation of esports, and necessitates constant stimulation for the gaming community through a structured tournament system.
  2. Production Value: The delivery of an esports event acts as an introduction for the viewers; it helps them digest it better and appreciate the contest. Leagues need to have compelling stories in high-quality “packaging” to be able to hook audiences.
  3. Accessibility: The industry needs to prioritize making esports more culturally acceptable for Filipinos in order for the sector to succeed as a mainstream sport.

Awakening the potential of the online game industry in the Philippines requires coordination and substantial effort to ensure that all concerns and potential challenges are addressed. This paper explores the current landscape of Philippine esports and the history of global esports growth, highlighting the different factors and measures to replicate esports’ success in the local realm.

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