Bingsu Diaries I: Cafe Seol Hwa

I’ve recently discovered a Korean dessert named “Bingsu” and I am completely obsessed with it. I was introduced to this dessert a few months ago and man, every time I see a Korean place I always wonder if their Bingsu is any good. :))

Anyway, I was at Century City Mall in Makati this week and I remembered that there was a Korean dessert cafe in the basement floor, so, I decided to give Cafe Seol Hwa and their Bingsu a try! 🙂

Cafe Seol Hwa is a tiny, tiny place but it’s a gem!





For those who don’t know what Bingsu is, though, it’s a shaved ice dessert. Patbingsu is the most popular one because it’s made with mixed fruit and sweetened azuki beans (red beans). The shaved ice is doused in syrup and condensed milk, giving it a sweet and delicate taste.

Other Bingsu can also be made with just fruits, or a mix of fruits, or something more complicated like a mix of chocolate syrups, crushed cookies, ice cream, you name it! Those are definitely not for the faint of heart, though. 🙂

But I’m much more of a simple person when it comes to shaved ice desserts, so I ordered the Mango Bingsu (Solo – Php 165).



And my boyfriend ordered the Coffee Caramel Bingsu (SoloPhp240).



I super loved mine! Ugh, I love mangoes! It was divine! What I love the most about Bingsu is how finely shaved the ice is and how the syrup and condense milk are just sweet enough to highlight the taste of the fruit. So yummy!! /drools

The Coffee Caramel Bingsu was okay for me. I’m not much of a coffee lover and I really do prefer fruits when it comes to shaved ice desserts, hehe! I did like the pieces of cheesecake it came with, though!

Anyway, you can visit their Facebook and Instagram if you aren’t super convinced about this yet, LOL! Enjoy!

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