HoYoverse’s Zenless Zone Zero Has Launched

It’s been two years since HoYoverse announced Zenless Zone Zero. And now, the ARPG has finally launched!

Zenless Zone Zero Launches Globally

HoYoverse has prepared many activities to celebrate the launch of Zenless Zone Zero, which includes in-game rewards of up to 1600 Polychromes, 70 Master Tapes, 20 Encrypted Master Tapes, and 80 Boopons.

You can also watch the official launch trailer of the game below:

Zenless Zone Zero is HoYoverse’s latest urban fantasy ARPG. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, players assume the role of a “Proxy” and explore menacing Hollows, battle enemies, complete commissions, and unravel mysteries behind the last remaining metropolis New Eridu with distinctive characters.

Collab with Grammy Awards Winner Tiësto

HoYoverse also collaborated with Grammy Awards winner DJ Tiësto to release “ZENLESS.”

You can watch the official music video below:

I did get to try a bit of Zenless Zone Zero during last year’s HoYo Fest, and it was interesting to say the least. However, I’m no longer fan of ARPGs, especially ones with a gacha component. Huhu, my poor wallet. D:

I know a lot of people are looking forward to Zenless Zone Zero! Enjoy the launch and let me know what you think! 🙂

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