Asian Cooking Game Soup Pot Coming To Steam & XBox

If you’re a complete netizen like me, you would have seen or played the browser based game that let you cook the famous Filipino dish “Sinigang!” Though I enjoyed it a lot, I wondered if the devs would expand it more, and they have! Chikon Club’s Soup Pot is coming to Steam and XBox soon, and I cannot wait to try it!

Soup Pot Releases This August 2021

Soup Pot Releases This August 2021

This South-East Asian inspired cooking game will be released on the Xbox Series X|S and Steam this August 2021. Though prices haven’t been announced yet, you bet I’m putting this on my Steam wishlist!

I’ve been a big fan of a specific kind of indie game, and have been backing Kickstarter projects (LOL I recently backed Coral Island HAHA). So I was really excited to find out that a Philippine game company is actually developing a cooking game inspired by a lot of local and SEA dishes!

Gameplay And Features

Soup Pot Game Features

If you like Cooking Mama or Overcooked, this might be a cute game to try out. You’ll be able to cook over 100 dishes, and you’re given freedom on how you cook, the ingredients you choose, and even how you plate your dish! Plus you’ll broadcast your cooking via live stream on the fake internet, haha! That’s a really cute twist, in my opinion.

Soup Pot uses beautiful stylized 3D renders, making cooking all that more realistic. While you’re cooking, you’ll also notice your viewers giving comments, allowing you to get direct feedback on how you’re doing. I can’t cook in real-life and when I tried the browser version of this game, I got a lot of hate comments on how I can’t cook. UHHMMM OK SORRY GUYS. HAHAHA.

Honestly, I’m really looking forward to playing this game, and the screenshots look really promising! I’m just a little concerned about controls though, given how clunky a mouse can be. However, that may just add more to the fun factor of Soup Pot. HAHA.

Soup Pot is being made by Chikon Club, an indie game dev studio that has a lot of Southeast Asian talent. I think they’re based in the Philippines, so you know, I’m all the more proud to support this project! To know more, visit the studio’s official website and FB page! 🙂

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