Thinking of Opening Up Your Own Biz? Globe myBusiness Academy Can Help!

It’s always been my dream to be an entrepreneur! To own my own business and have my own office. So it was really timely that Globe Telecom invited me to a workshop under their myBusiness Academy!

The Globe myBusiness Academy program is a collaboration between Globe Telecom and Manila Workshops. Their goal is to develop and provide training in the arts, entrepreneurship, health and fitness, personal development, and finance, to aspiring entrepreneurs and independent business owners.

Globe myBusiness Senior Advisor Derrick Heng said that those interested in attending future sessions can expect the same diversity in the choice of workshop topics.  “There’s more than one way to provide sustainable livelihood. Employment is one avenue, but empowering entrepreneurs is equally effective, and perhaps even more so,” said Heng. “This program with Manila Workshops is our way of helping those who wish to strike out on their own. With the right training, these budding entrepreneurs can go a long way” Heng added.

Globe myBusiness VP for Segment Marketing Debbie Obias reveals the enhanced Globe myBusiness Academy, a free learning program for aspiring retail and personal services entrepreneurs in partnership with Manila Workshops.
Manila Workshops CEO Ginger Palma Arboleda talks about the reason and the beauty of their partnership with Globe myBusiness – helping entrepreneurs realize their potential.

Globe myBusiness is Globe Telecom’s business solution provider that empowers micro, small, and medium enterprises. For more information about Globe myBusiness, visit or follow Globe myBusiness on Facebook for updates on its training programs.

During the event, the workshop focused on activities for salons and spas and they had the guests mix and create their own massage oils.

Sadly I wasn’t able to participate (God knows I need to keep the stress, insomnia, and fatigue at bay, LOLOLOL) but I did get to avail of a 30-min massage at the venue. AND I REALLY, REALLY NEEDED THAT. HUHU THANK YOU GLOBE.

Beyond providing avenues for learning, like the workshops, Globe myBusiness will also start introducing business solutions that can be topped up to your business’s postpaid plans. They’ll be offering Queuing Solutions, Auto Appointment Reminders, or SMS Blast Services! So nifty and convenient!

It’s a great avenue to learn! And since I plan to start my own business, too, this is something that’s really relevant to me right now, haha! 🙂

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