A show with six times more engineers than show directors: the world’s first VR game-based variety show MEMOON PLAYER

BEIJING, Dec. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MEMOON PLAYER, a virtual reality (VR) game-based variety show is currently being aired in China on online video platform IQIYI. The six resident players, WoWkie Da, Victor Qin, Lil Ghost, Jam Hsiao, Rainbow Xu and Yuqi Zhang, are on a voyage of adventure to the world of MEMOON. Empowered by technology, the show creates a new variety show genre.

MEMOON PLAYER is a technology-enabled reality variety show that is enjoyable to listen to and watch

MEMOON PLAYER is the first variety show in the world to enable interactions between the virtual and real worlds by integrating holography into a motion capture studio. The program team employs technology to create MEMOON, a virtual world, where the stars don mo-cap suits consisting of 72 movable points and control avatars who play and sing in the virtual world. In an effort to capture the stars’ movements with precision, and to present the virtual and real worlds to the audience in real time, the program simultaneously deployed 62 of the world’s most advanced mo-cap cameras throughout the large and small linking pods.

With the support of VR technology, the program not only innovates the original game show of Hole in the Wall but also sets up a number of imaginative VR games, such as the Light-wave Battle where players can transmogrify into avatars who can launch light waves like Ultraman to build a defense shield. As part of the adventure, the show also includes a very eye-catching virtual singing performance. To generate unprecedented stage effects, the show deploys a variety of the most cutting-edge technologies, including real-time mo-cap, VR, holography, XR, AR, and MR. Filming and broadcasting are handled by a virtual engine. Some 20 virtual cameras connect to the auto-switching system for real-time rendering. The incredible technological power cannot be separated from the efforts of the team behind it consisting of more than 110 engineers, 50 visual designers and nearly 60 animators. There are six times as many technical team members as show directors.

The program goes right to the hearts of the audience by spreading the love while teaching the value of perseverance via lighthearted and endearing content

The six resident guests include talented entertainers, expert game players, and superb vocalists, which often result in amusing situations. When the six first put on their mo-cap suits, they all looked beyond ridiculous for a brief moment as they visibly sported an improbable, eclectic mix of autumn clothing and thermal undergarments. The avatars are controlled by the guests who guide how they move and perform acts, which resembles an actual historical transcript of how early humans trained their limbs. WoWkie Da unintentionally learned something new about his own way of walking. He noticed that the avatar’s hip was twisting when he walked and felt there must be something wrong with the software, but Yuqi Zhang pointed out that he himself was also doing the same thing, making WoWkie Da realize that he needed to see an orthopedist after the show.

In addition to the fascinating reality show, the program also instilled profound values. With love and perseverance as its spiritual core, everyone involved with the program hopes that everyone will enjoy some warmth during the upcoming winter.

MEMOON PLAYER is a new breed of variety show enabled by technology, delivering a relaxing and happy viewing experience to all viewers. MEMOON PLAYER now airs on IQIYI every Friday at 12:00 noon Beijing time. Stay tuned.

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