Astra Guild Ventures Invests In Future Of P2E Gaming

There has been a significant rise in guilds because of the growth of P2E gaming in the Philippines. One such organization, Astra Guild Ventures, is determined to expand and invest in the growth of Play To Earn Gaming in the Philippines. 🙂

The Growth Of Astra Guild Ventures

Astra Guild Ventures Token

AGV only launched their AGV Token last December 23, 2021 as a way to raise funds for its future plans. The AGV Token is what the org will use to expand and build the future that they see for P2E gaming in the PH, especially since it is planning to build an ecosystem of P2E games. The tokens are also accessible via the Centralized Exchange BitMart, MEXC, and on the Decentralized Exchange Uniswap.

Since then, Astra Guild Ventures has been able to be audited by Certik, one of the leaders in blockchain security, and even acquired a stake in Blue Monster Games Inc., which is part of AGV’s plans to develop their own P2E titles.

What’s Next For AGV?

AGV Token

AGV is looking to continue investing in companies that develop P2E games, while also adding more P2E titles in their portfolio. The org’s goal is to be a launchpad for new games of the same genre, and more.

As of the moment, AGV is still looking for members to join their guild, and those interested to be part of the org’s growth can definitely check out their site, Discord, and official social media channels. 🙂

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