The ASUS Router Halloween Promo Says Boo To Slow Wi-Fi

asus router Halloween promo

Halloween is only a day away and nothing is spookier than having slow, and even no (!!!), internet at home! Say Boo! to slow wi-fi with the ASUS Router Halloween Promo!

Purchasing select ASUS and ROG router models can entitle you to amazing treats this Halloween season, and what can be more enticing for gamers than Steam credit? XD

ASUS Router Halloween Promo – Date & Features

ASUS Router Halloween Promo

The ASUS Halloween Promo started on October 28 and will continue until November 1, 2021, so, really, it’s just in time for Halloween and All Saint’s / Souls Day.

There are specific models included in the promo, such as the following:

  1. ROG Rapture GT-AX1100 (Php 2,200 Steam credits)
  2. TUF Gaming AX3000 (Php 1,000 Steam credits)
  3. TUF Gaming AX5400 (Php 1,000 Steam credits)
  4. ASUS RT-AX55 (Php 500 Steam credits)
  5. ASUS ZenWiFi XT8 (2PK) (Php 2,200 Steam credits)

You can check the official ASUS Halloween Promo microsite to know more about the details and redemption period! 🙂

ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 TikTok Giveaway

asus halloween router promo

By the by! If you feel like you need a router upgrade but have no budget, why not check out the ASUS ROG Router giveaway on TikTok? ASUS Philippines just launched their TikTok account, and they’re celebrating by giving away an ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 router!

All you need to do is post their scariest WiFi horror stories on TikTok, and of course, use the officia hashtags – #AsusROGRouters #WiFiHorrorStoriesPh #SaveMyWifi.

This giveaways runs from Oct. 28 to Nov. 15, 2021 so you still have some time to share your most devastating internet problem stories, haha! I don’t have a TikTok account but let me begin with my own story, haha!

I was in a big six-month review for a Client, and I wasn’t tasked to lead the presentation. However, my counterpart suddenly had internet problems and she disappeared from the call! She didn’t come back, and within the next few minutes, I had to flash the deck, AND open the presentation! I was sweating buckets because this was in front of CEOs, and COOs. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I ALMOST DIEDDDDDD!

Anyway, if you wanna join, check out the official site here! Until next time! <3

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