BTC Studios PLC Announces a Strategic Investment Round Lead by the Leader in Interactive Gaming Market Intelligence Worldwide as the Lead Advisor

WARSAW, Poland, May 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — BTC Studios PLC, a European interactive games developer and publisher has inked a strategic alliance with IDG Consulting to strengthen and accelerate its growth in the children and family games segment.

BTC Studios is led by a serial entrepreneur with a successful track record in the technology and interactive games sectors. Moreover, the company has access to a strong talent pool located in Eastern Europe. From Eastern Europe have emerged worldwide videogame successes such as “The Witcher 3,” “Dying Light,” “This War of Mine,” “Frostpunk,” and newly announced “CyberPunk.”

The partnership with IDG Consulting will fuel BTC Studios’ strategic initiative to acquire gaming licensing rights of children/family IPs with global awareness on TV, SVOD or AVOD. The first licensing deal, signed in 2019 with the international TV producer and distributor Cyber Group Studios, involved animated series IPs such as Taffy coproduced with Turner and broadcasted notably on Turner’s Boomerang and Sadie Sparks coproduced with Brown Bag Films and broadcasted notably on Disney Channel. A second deal with a global IP should be announced soon.

For over 30 years, IDG Consulting has been providing best-in-class market research, data analytics, strategic consulting and M&A services in the gaming industry (Mobile, PC, Console platforms). Their clients include the top gaming, e-sports, technology, media, retail and investment companies around the world.

IDG Consulting is leading a consortium of investors attracted by BTC Studios’ strategy and the 10-fold growth delivered by the company over the last twelve months.

Beyond the first funding of 5 Mil€, IDG Consulting will also play a key role in assisting BTC Studios implement their strategy and benefit from the strong growth of the SVOD/AVOD and gaming markets worldwide (37% CAGR).

BTC Studios PLC is a European interactive games developer and publisher focused on mobile and console games for kids and families.

IDG Consulting offers leading-edge research, strategic consulting, and data analytics, with a specialization in gaming and esports (Mobile, PC, Console platforms). IDG provides actionable results and a competitive advantage for over 30 years, with work spanning 40 countries.

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