Check Out Odin Sphere:Leifthrasir’s Retake on Gwendolyn

Vanillaware has just released a re-introduction video of Gwendolyn, one of the main protagonists of the upcoming re-release of their JRPG, Odin Sphere:Leifthrasir. Check out the video after the link!

Odin Sphere was one of the old Playstation 2 games that I truly fell in love with and the main reason for this was because of the story and the art. Though I am not much of a platform player and had quite difficult time with boss battles and such (I SURVIVED THOUGH HAHA!), it was a game that I truly loved and enjoyed.


Gwendolyn was one of my favorite characters! Hers is a story of a princess who felt the need to prove to herself that her father (Odin) loved her and with that idea came the dedication to do anything for him and the land she served.

Anyway, here is the video:

What I like about Gwendolyn is her steadfast mind and heart. Though she may waver in her conviction, she does what she believes is true and finally, later on, learns to follow what she wants instead of what her Father dictates.

I’m up to my gills in excitement, I can’t wait til this game is released (even if I don’t have a PS4 yet) because they’ve updated the game with new skills and abilities. New monsters, too! 🙂

You can read up more about Odin Sphere:Leifthrasir and the other characters on their official website.

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