You Can Now Play Dynasty Warriors: Overlords On Your Mobile Device

For big fans of hack-and-slash titles, you’ll be excited to know that Dynasty Warriors: Overlords can now be played on your mobile device!

Starting today, the title is downloadable on iOS and Android platforms, so go check it out! 🙂

What Is Dynasty Warriors: Overlords?

dynasty warriors: overlords

Dynasty Warriors: Overlords is the latest in in the Dynasty Warriors series. Now playable on smartphones, the title features hack-and-slash gameplay adapted from Dynasty Warriors 7 and Dynasty Warriors 7: Extreme Legends.

There are several systems from the Dynasty Warrior series that will be present in the mobile game. This includes Synergy Musou Skill, upgrades, and customizations that will power up and personalize the playable Generals in the game.

Dynasty Warriors: Overlords will also have several PVE modes so players have several choices on what they can do within the mobile title.

How To Download

dynasty warriors overlords release date

To download Dynasty Warriors: Overlords, players simply have to visit the official download site. VNG Philippines also celebrated the game’s availability in the country by hosting several in-game events, and giving players rewards through daily log-in bonuses, and more!

To know more about Dynasty Warriors: Overlords, be sure to check out their official Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels! 🙂

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