EaseUS Todo Backup 2024 Update News: Support All Game Saves Backup and Recovery

NEW YORK, June 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — EaseUS Todo Backup, a leading provider of data backup and recovery solutions,  released its latest version on May 29, 2024. This new version mainly provides enhanced support for APP Backup. Compared with the previous permission to back up only specific game archives(GTA V, Hogwart Legacy, The Sim 4, COD 2) and some APPs like Outlook and Chrome, this update supports all game-save backups, ensuring gamers never lose their favorite games again. 

With the rise of digital games and cloud-based gaming platforms, players are paying more attention to game archives and backups while experiencing a more enriched game world. Game saves are essential to keep the game process going so that they can continue from the last left out. 

However, according to incomplete statistics, 80% of gamers have suffered from game saves being lost or overwritten by mistake, which causes a great loss of players’ time and energy.

Although cloud saving is now available on every platform, it often encounters various problems causing data loss, and different games have different levels of support for it. So many users choose to turn it off and seek help from other sources.

This update of EaseUS Todo Backup is precisely due to gamers’ urgent need for game data backup. As long as users download and install the game on their computers, the software can automatically locate and extract the game save location and create game backups with simple clicks, including game saves, settings, configurations, etc.

“I am excited to introduce this awesome feature to our users,” said Hongyu He, Product Manager of EaseUS Todo Backup, also a gaming enthusiast, “I deeply understand how important game saves are to our users as one of the game lovers, and I want to ensure that they have the tools in hand to protect their gaming data. With the enhanced APP backup features, users can back up all their games safely and easily.”

This breathtaking update of EaseUS Todo Backup also includes some other highlights to make it the top choice of gamers. 

  • Multiple backup locations: Users can store game backups on various media, such as local drives, external disks, the cloud, and NAS. 
  • Scheduled backup option: This backup tool allows you to set a scheduled backup plan, like hourly, daily, or weekly, which will automatically save game data, eliminating the hassle of manual operation after each game is over.
  • Incremental and compressed backup: Most Steam games take up a lot of storage space. These two functions can effectively avoid duplicate data storage and save a lot of space.
  • Quick backup and restore speed: This new version also improves the backup and restore speed, allowing players not to spend a long time backing up and restoring their games.

“We will constantly strive to improve our products and provide our users with a better experience. I am confident that the game saves backup feature will benefit PC gamers greatly and bring them a more convenient gaming experience.” PM, Hongyu He added.

EaseUS Todo Backup is a powerful backup and restore software that is dedicated to offering users a safer and easier data backup solution. Download and install EaseUS Todo Backup to safeguard your game saves with ease and peace of mind.