Final Fantasy IX Now on Mobile

Greetings fellow Final Fantasy fans! It’s a great morning because we’ve got awesome news! The classic JRPG, Final Fantasy IX, is finally hitting us on mobile!

Yes, more FF games to buy and have no time to play, LOL. You can get FFIX on iOS or Android for $16.99, but they’ve got a 20% off promo right now if you get it between February 10 – 21, 2016.

Just be warned though that the game will take up a lot of space whether you’re on Android (4GB of memory with 8GB of free space required to download) or on Apple (2.01 GB but compatible with iOS 7.0 or later).

Here’s the trailer that was released earlier this year:

Final Fantasy IX will also be available on Steam soon but there’s no date yet, it says early 2016 though. Whee!

Sources: IGN and Polygon

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