Company Welcomes Creative Executive Joe Rubino As Board Advisor In Next Phase Of Studio Expansion

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, April 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — GLOW Production, a leading cinematic development company in Malaysia, today announced it is opening its business to North American studios that have struggled to find sufficient international resources that can meet expedited pipelines and deliver high-quality creative.

Oryctes, an UE5 Short Film by Glow Production
Oryctes, an UE5 Short Film by Glow Production

Historically, outsourcing for AAA studios in North America has posed challenges ranging from language barriers to timezone discrepancies to skill deficiencies. Malaysia has emerged as a notable exception. The country has steadily grown as a technology and creative hub, and magnet for businesses and investors alike. Its geographical location positions it as a gateway to comprehending the creative preferences of both Eastern and Western gamers. GLOW Production has seized its location and skillset to uniquely offer a seasoned team trained in AAA methodologies and co-development.

GLOW Production specializes in award-winning cinematics, in-game cutscenes, game art, concept art, and other creative projects. Its team of creatives leverages Unreal Engine, the most advanced real-time 3D creation tool, in its co-development content to expedite project completion timelines by 30-50%. Most notably, its team spearheaded Oryctes, a real-time cinematic short film that pushed the boundaries of creativity. Harnessing cutting-edge technologies such as MetaHuman Animator, 3D face scans, motion captures and facial captures, they transported audiences into a mesmerizingly realistic fantasy realm.

“Our passion is to craft visually stunning and captivating content, ensuring the utmost immersive experience with unparalleled efficiency. We possess an innate understanding of the standards of North American studios, and we stand poised to exceed them at every turn,” said Ryan Wong, CEO of GLOW Production.

To further the company’s footprint in North America, GLOW Production has welcomed award-winning interactive entertainment executive Joe Rubino to its board of advisors. Formerly the Head of Cinematics & Storytelling – North America at NetEase Games, Rubino will leverage his 15-year career at AAA studios to help the company forge new relationships and projects. 

Malaysia has long been overlooked and undervalued, and it is time the world acknowledges the country’s remarkable talent. I witnessed the exceptional skills of the GLOW Production team on Oryctes, and was instantly impressed with their ability to deliver high-end cinematic content,” said Rubino. “I am excited about advising GLOW, and am looking forward to seeing them carry the torch toward future growth.” 

“Joe’s expertise with AAA studios is critical to elevate our presence in the States. We have already garnered significant interest from top North American studios, signaling a pivotal moment in recognizing Malaysia’s creative prowess,” Wong added. 

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Founded in 2011, GLOW Production is a leading cinematic developing company in Malaysia. Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, GLOW Production provides creative solutions to global clients, delivering stunning visuals for cinematic works, in-game cutscenes, and more. The company has created numerous masterpieces, such as Oryctes, SMITE, Identity V, Shadow Gambit, Paladins, and DKO. Follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram.