Go to Barcelona again: Cloudsky X86 architecture Android cloud gaming solution was unveiled at MWC 2024

BARCELONA, Spain, March 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On February 26, the four-day Mobile World Congress (MWC2024) 2024 opened in Barcelona, Spain. Cloudsky is excited to be included again this year in the Intel’s Converged Edge Media Platform demo at MWC 2024. The innovative Android Cloud Gaming solution from Cloudsky, optimized on Intel’s Converged Edge Media Platform, is a great example of how orchestrated, cloud-native, cutting-edge media services can be deployed at the edge.

Cloudsky X86 architecture Android cloud gaming solution was unveiled at MWC 2024
Cloudsky X86 architecture Android cloud gaming solution was unveiled at MWC 2024

X86 based Android cloud gaming, industry technological innovation

The technical values of cloud gaming, such as heterogeneous computing power, cloud computing, virtualization, real-time rendering, and low-latency networks, have been highly recognized and focused on by the industry, and cloud gaming plays an important role in promoting the prosperity of digital culture, the integration of data and reality, and the high-quality development of the digital economy. At present, the market generally adopts x86 and ARM based solution to support PC and mobile cloud gaming respectively, which will incur high infrastructure construction, operation and maintenance cost, as well as low computing resources utilization.

Cloudsky’s Android Cloud Gaming solution is developed based on x86 architecture and the Intel Data Center GPU Flex Series solution. Coupled with IntelĀ® Bridge Technology, its industry-leading cloud gaming technology capabilities such as virtualization and containers, real-time rendering engine, video encoding, and low-latency streaming engine, enables X86 architecture to run containerized Android systems, revolutionizing the development of new technology.

This solution has significant advantages of high performance and low TCO. In terms of performance, the solution is compatible with mainstream Android games on the market, with a single card supporting up to 68 channels of Android cloud games, with a quality of up to 1080P 60 frames, supporting game play anytime and anywhere as well as supporting web pages and mobile terminals without client-terminal limitations lowering the threshold for game playing.

At the same time, the platform is more flexible and scalable, and consumes less energy. With a single server, it can increase game density, serve more users with a smaller data center footprint. Coupled with SW and HW integration and highly optimized network transmission technology, it further improves overall equipment and infrastructure cost. In addition, the platform is capable of running other media workload such as media transcoding simultaneously through on-demand scheduling meeting customer’s expectation on optimized TCO and excellent user experience.

Cloud Gaming Technology Innovation accelerates the expansion of visual computing applications development

The innovative Android Cloud Gaming solution launched with Intel’s cloud-native Converged Edge Media Platform not only reflects the in-depth cooperation between the two parties in the promotion of innovative technologies and user experience improvement, but also represents an important innovation in the technical foundation of cloud gaming.

Cloudsky self-develops customized ultra-high-performance GPU computing power servers as part of its one-stop cloud gaming PaaS solutions to support the latest high-end CPU and ultra-high-performance graphics and image rendering GPU on the market, which can be flexibly deployed and enables cluster-based management, intelligent scheduling, distributed processing, automatic operation and maintenance..

At the same time, the cloud gaming service platform supports PCs and mobile phones contents, enabling PC games, console games, mobile games and other game content under single architecture, which not only reduces the investment and operation and maintenance costs of cloud resource pool infrastructure, but also improves the efficiency of cloud computing resources utilization.

“We are honored to participate with Intel to showcase our innovations to the world at this compelling show,” said Crusoe Mao (Cloudsky Founder and CEO). “In the future, we will continue to explore ways to create a better cloud gaming experience for users and inject new vitality into the development of the global cloud gaming industry. “

Emerging industries such as digital twins, digital humans, and digital cultural tourism under the concept of cloud gaming and the metaverse have many similarities in terms of underlying technologies, and cross-empowerment and deep integration can promote the expansion of low-latency visual computing business demand scenarios such as games, videos, graphics rendering, spatial computing.

In the future, Cloudsky will continue to cooperate with the world’s top technology companies to accelerate the construction of infrastructure in the field of visual computing, introduce more and richer low-latency application scenarios, bring more exciting and innovative experiences to users, and help promote the development of future industries.