Going Grey at Azta Urban Salon

It’s been a little under a month since I changed my hair color! Let’s go back to when I took a trip to Azta Urban Salon to go for the color I’ve always wanted to have!

The salon branch I chose was the nearest one to me, so I traipsed on over to Azta Urban Salon – SM Jazz Residences for a couple of reasons. 1.) They’re in Makati 2.) They have Olaplex (an additive they put into hair chemical processes that lessens damage and builds bonds, etc) and 3.) Their prices are pretty okay compared to other salons who also have Olaplex.

Anyway, I was referred to Ms. Lyn who took care of me from minute one. We decided to go with three, yes THREE, bleachings to get my hair to the level we needed it to be.


Round 1:

The first application! They put the concoction on wet hair (the first I’ve heard any salon to do, they say it’s less damaging but the processing time is longer) and let me sit there for an hour to see how my hair will react. Which… it did not look so well. It turned out to be really brassy and dark brown in some spots.



… I also played some Monster Hunter in the mean time.


Round 2:

So after an hour, they wiped the product away from my hair (STILL WET, BTW) to apply the second round of bleaching.


After a few minutes you can already see how white my hair was becoming. Halfway into the hour, we worked on my roots. 🙂


Round 3:

The last and final round!! You can already clearly see how white the hair looked! It was so pretty!



I could already feel the roughness of the combing so the damage was already present. Hay. You really can’t avoid damage when you bleach your hair. 🙁 And here’s the final blonde product!




To get the grey (YES, I DECIDED TO GO GRANNY), I went online to look at a few tutorials and videos on what product is best to use. The Wella 050 Cooling Violet came up A LOT. So I decided to give it a go.



After application, TADA. Here you go! Have more photos of my ugly mug. LOL.


You can see the entire process if you watch our YouTube video below, enjoy!

Btw, this is a scheduled post and if you haven’t noticed, I AM IN NIPPON RIGHT NOW. So, dewa mata, minna-san! 🙂

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