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The country’s biggest retail fashion brand, SM Woman, has just launched their I Am SM Woman campaign with an awesome 3-day event to celebrate the many phases of womanhood. And I got to take photos! Yay!

It’s not quite often that I get invited to fashion events, haha! So I jump at the chance to write about them whenever I get to go to one. This time, SM Woman showcased the dynamic range of fashion pieces they house. Did you know that they have 3XS and 5XL sizes now? Talk about variety!

From trendy pieces for teens, to elegant clothing for the working woman, and even chic items for the voluptuously beautiful, SM Woman, has everything you need, for all occasions, from day to night!



I was only able to take photos during the 2nd day, which focused on career and work clothes. I guess it’s only appropriate since I’ve been working for a few years now and it could be said that I’ve focused more on my career than any other thing. The first day featured their Girls Teens’ Wear (GTW) and the last day featured women of substance and confidence!

There was also a special sale happening before the fashion show. But I didn’t really shop for anything because I get a tad overwhelmed when there are a lot of people in a store, HAHA. Cannot handle crowds. So I decided to scout out some pieces so I can just go back to them later.




Of course I’m the type to lean towards monochromatic clothes. And lucky me because SM Woman has a WHOLE SECTION OF THEM. YES. SO HAPPY. :))



Please forgive my crappy photos, my camera ran out of battery so I was only able to take a few shots of the models using my iPhone. … Interestingly, all the shots I took were of women wearing white, HAHA.

I saw a couple of old media and blogger friends so it was like a mini-reunion of sorts. I also dropped by the third day and got to hang out with Ashley Dy. Here, have a photos of us. (Forgive my haggard face, LOL.)


You can check out SM Woman at their Facebook or Instagram accounts, for more information! 🙂

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