Lenovo Legion Announces New Year Price Drops On Products

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! Geez, times really flies, you know? I can’t believe that the Philippines has been in lockdown for almost a full year, yikes. But anyway, Lenovo Legion is celebrating the new year by dropping prices on some of their gaming PCs, which is perfect as we all adjust to the country’s “new normal.”

The Lenovo Legion price drops vary for a range of different products – from gaming laptops to desktop PCs. What’s important is that up to Php 45,000 has been slashed off for some of these products, so if you’ve been holding off on getting that upgrade, now might be the right time to go for it.

Lenovo Legion New Year, New Prices and Promos

Here’s a shortened list of some of the products that are included in the celebration, with their updated prices:

  1. IdeaPad Gaming 3i – now starts at PHP 43,995
  2. Legion 5Pi – now starts at PHP 67,995
  3. Legion 7i – now starts at PHP 99,995
  4. Legion 5/5i – now starts at PHP 52,995
  5. IdeaCentre Gaming 5i – now starts at PHP 49,995
  6. Legion Tower 5i – now starts at PHP 69,995

Now, interested peeps have to remember that each of these items have varying specs, and prices will change depending on your hardware choices. If you’re interested in a specific model, make sure to read up on what options you have for CPU, GPU, RAM, etc., just to make sure that you’re 100% behind your purchasing decision. XD

“We purposely designed and developed our new Legion lineup not only for gamers but also with today’s workforce in mind. With current business demands, it’s no longer enough for
devices to only run basic office applications and the usual day-to-day tasks. As the world of work evolves — and at a rapid pace at that, we want to equip professionals with devices that can help them adapt and excel in multiple scenarios,” said Michael Ngan, Lenovo Philippines President and General Manager.

Anyway, if you want to know more, make sure to check out the official Lenovo Legion FB post, more details are shared there! Until then, happy shopping! 🙂

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