Puzzle Title Mwords Is Now Playable On GCash

It seems to me that every day a new word-guessing game is being launched for all the puzzle-solving fans out there to enjoy, haha! Likely as a way to be part of the hype, Mwords, a new word-guessing title found within the mobile wallet GCash, is now live and playable!

Mwords has real-time multiplayer features, too, which is very interesting, especially for those who are highly competitive, haha! So be sure to check it out!

What Is Mwords?

mwords in-game screenshot

Mwords is a challenging word game developed by Mgames, which is the casual gaming platform found within GCash. It’s amazing to see that you can now actually play a game on a platform like GCash, haha! It is also exclusively available on the Mgames app. 🙂

“All of us are hooked on word games nowadays. So, we at Mgames are proud to announce that we developed Mwords for everyone to play and enjoy. Mwords is a multiplayer word game where you can compete against four other players with live score updates,” said Alo De Leon, Marketing Manager for Mgames.

Gameplay Features & Details

mgames how to play

So, how do you play Mwords on GCash? All you have to do is find the Mgames app under GLife on the GCash app. You can also click this link if you’re on mobile right now to redirect yourself to the app page. 🙂

The gameplay is simple, and players only have five (5) attempts to guess the three (3) 5-letter mystery words of the day. The game also has a new scoring system that allows players to see how well they are doing!

To up the challenge, Mwords also has real-time multiplayer mode, where competitive word-guessing game fans can battle it out against each other. No matter if players choose single-player or multi-player mode, there will be chances to win GCash bonuses and other rewards.

I mean, if you’re constantly hanging out on the GCash app anyway, might as well kill time by playing a casual game right? XD HAHAHA! What’s great is that playing Mwords is totally free, as long as you have the GCash app. 🙂 So! Be sure to check it out sometime! :0

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