New Nancy Drew Series from CBS

Nancy Drew is an iconic sleuth immortalized with the many novels (and even video games!) released over the years. CBS has recently announced a new series featuring the daring female detective and the actress that will play the role of their strawberry-blonde leading lady!

When girls my age were reading Sweet Valley High and The Babysitter’s Club during primary and middle school, I was poring over tons of Nancy Drew books. My sister grew a collection because it’s one of the few books she would read and my parents would indulge her.

When my interest leaned more to video games later on, I was ecstatic when I discovered that there was a series of Nancy Drew detective games, with a lot of puzzle-solving and hair-raising moments!

Anyway, I think I found a series I would love to follow (because God knows I don’t watch any Western TV shows, LOL) because CBS has casted Person of Interest‘s Sarah Shahi as their grown-up version of Nancy Drew!

What do you guys think? I’m no expert in a person’s acting chops but I’m just hoping they DO keep Nancy Drew’s iconic hair color because, well, it’d be sad if they didn’t. :))

Source: IGN via Entertainment Weekly

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