Nintendo Announces New 3DS XL Galaxy Style Design

Nintendo has just announced a new design for the New Nintendo 3DS XL. And it’s totally up my alley, it’s purple and it’s GALAXY-STYLE! We’ve got the photos, so take a look!

Deym, guys, would you look at this????


It’s gorgeous! Ugh. I just bought a new N3DS XL, too, and now they’re releasing a design like this? You gotta be kidding me. Oh my wallet, you’ll be hating me for this. D:



This was released in order to promote the Navy Blue Design of the N3DS XL, haha!


Anyway, the new Galaxy Style New Nintendo 3DS XL will be released today and is about to go to NA stores this week. It’ll retail at $199. I’m crossing my fingers that the local Data Blitz branches will be stocking this. UGH.


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