Official Sailor Moon Fan’s Club Opens March 15, 2016

Dubbed “Pretty Guardians,” the official Sailor Moon website recently announced the opening of the official Sailor Moon Fan Club in Japan!

Why is it that everything I want is in Japan?! HAHA!

Anyway, registration for the fan club opens March 15, 2016. The membership will include a membership card (with a manga-version illustration of Sailor Moon), special member’s only make-up lip gloss, pre-selling tickets of Sailor Moon Musicals, special members-only merchandise, newsletter, and content within their App.

To celebrate the opening of the official club, there will be a special event happening on April 10 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. There will be special guests such as the voice actors and actress for Sailor Moon (Mitsuishi Kotono) and Tuxedo Kamen (Nojima Kenji) and Momoiro Clover Z.

I’m definitely getting one of my friends to get me a membership, HAHA. No news yet on how much it’ll cost but hopefully I’ll be able to get a slot! 🙂

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