LOS ANGELES, June 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Netmarble, a leading developer and publisher of high-quality mobile games, released new content for its free-to-play PC Action MOBA game PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME. This game update adds an original hero, new event mode, improvements, and more.

PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME is introducing a brand new, original tank hero Adele following the introduction of Maco and Zena. She is a knight of small stature, and is at the forefront of her allies. She fights efficiently with sword and shield, switching up her tactics as the situation demands. Her reputation precedes her as a ruthless battlefield predator, despite her cute demeanor. Adele’s skills have earned her a place among the Ventus mercenary.

Adele’s skills focus on switching modes between damage and tank, changing the range of her abilities as well as offering her some crowd control, using a rose motif to mark enemies. Her skills include:

  • It’ll Be Over Soon: Adele swings her sword.
  • It’s Supposed To Hurt: She expands her shield, lowering her movement speed. At the same time, her physical and magic defense is increased, and a damage-reflecting buff is activated. Only basic attacks can be used while the Rose Shield is active.
  • Let Me Hold You: Extends her composite sword at the target and marks them with a rose. Using the skill again makes her charge at the enemy and root them.
  • Your Beautiful Scent: Adele uses her sword like a whip to deal damage, then swings the composite sword down in a straight line to deal additional damage.
  • Where You Belong: She combines her shield and composite sword, then slams the ground where she is standing. Summons a poisonous rose pile which inflicts damage based on the enemy’s Max Health and decreases Movement Speed.

In this update, new cosmetics will be added including: a new Heroic skin for Adele – ‘Gothic Pink,’ – and a new Heroic skin for the Fey, ‘Guardian of the Sacred Tree ‘.

Red Moon has also been added, a 5v5 matchmaking mode where confrontation and team battles play an important role. Heroes are randomly selected, but each player will be allowed to switch once per battle, as another random roll. Health and Mana can only be restored at specific locations where energy sources are placed. Additionally, items can only be purchased before the battle starts and immediately after respawning, but cannot be purchased by returning to base during battle.The objective is to destroy the enemy’s core, but there’s only one narrow lane to attack, which will lead to quick, chaotic battles where reflexes and decision making will lead to victory.

Competitive play has also been revamped addressing player feedback. A separation of competitive regions has been introduced where Asia, Europe and North America will have their own competitive ladders and regional play. Hot Time Events will be hosted to encourage participation as these events will run daily at specific times in each region through July 27. During a Hot Time event, players will receive double EXP and Renar for winning and losing competitive matches.

Other improvements include item rebalancing and reworks to give users more variety on the battlefield, as well as continuing to make visual and interface improvements to the game. Branded sites have also been revamped with detailed gameplay information in the game information tab, and an improved news section so players can keep up on the latest game news without leaving the client.

PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME is a team-based TPS Action MOBA that anyone can play for free on PC. Players are engaged in 5v5 play while working with teammates to conquer the Prime battlefield. The game celebrates strategic actions and fast-paced battles by two teams aiming to eliminate the opponents’ territories. Players can choose from one of the many powerful heroes utilizing their unique skills – Warrior, Support, Ranger, Caster, Tank, and Assassin.

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