Perfect World to present more cultural products to cater the Gen Z

SHANGHAI, Aug. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In the sideline of China Joy 2021, Perfect World Investment & Holding Group held a press conference in Shanghai on July 29, and Dr. Robert H. Xiao, CEO of Perfect World delivered a keynote speech in the conference.

In his speech, Dr. Xiao reviewed achievements the Group has reaped in the last year, and vowed to present more products that favored by the Generation Z.

With the Generation Z’s emergence as mainstream consumers in the culture sector, and the ongoing upgrade in the digital culture industry, Perfect World also upgrades its business and products on the basis of the existing development strategies in its three main business sectors including games, e-sports, and pictures.

In terms of technology, Perfect World has been insisting on self-developed technologies, and applying cutting-edge technologies to its game products.

“Facing new opportunities and challenges, Perfect World has been actively exploring new products in various aspects to cater the Generation Z,” said Dr. Xiao.

The Group’s product portfolio now includes such genres as MMORPG, APPG, card games´╝îand sandbox games, and involves multiple subjects such as anime futuristic sci-fi, anime fantasy, and oriental swordsmanship. Perfect World has presented four new games since the beginning of 2021.

One of the major topics of Dr. Xiao’s speech is its e-sports development strategy, which includes the brand new online tournament that devised by Perfect World under the COVID-19 pandemic, and the refined competition system for DOTA 2 and CS:GO. It’s also worth noting that Perfect World held the first Perfect World E-sports Carnival in Shanghai in January 2021.

In the sector of movie and TV, the Group has presented nine films, TV serials, and variety shows in the first half of 2021 as the company has been focusing on real-life and patriotic-themed film and television works.

Against the backdrop of the digitalization in traditional industries, Perfect World has been using its advantages in digital technology to expedite digitalization of traditional industries. Dr. Xiao believes that digitalization should be supported by high-quality contents, IPs, and contextual awareness, as well as depending on technologies.

“Adhering to innovation, Perfect World will stay true to our mission,” said Dr. Xiao. “In the future, Perfect World will keep empowering traditional industries with technologies to present more botique products, and we will reform actively to win the younger generation,” he added.